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Marques Ogden

• Former NFL Offensive Lineman
• Respected Entrepreneur
• Businessman
• Mentor
• Sought-After Motivational Speaker
• Best-Selling Author
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North Carolina
Phone: 800-328-6008

Growing up in a single-parent home with a father that inspired and demonstrated perseverance and fairness, Marques Ogden learned how to define his values and set goals. Marques attended Howard University from 1998-2002, where he played Division I football. He followed his dream and his brother Jonathan’s footsteps and was drafted into the NFL in 2003. Marques played in the NFL from 2003 to 2007 as an offensive lineman for the Titans, Bills, Ravens and Jaguars. During the off season, Marques helped train football players in Europe, both physically and mentally.

At the age of 27, he founded a construction company called Kayden Premier Enterprises, a business that grew rapidly in its first few years, but he lost the business after a bad business endeavor. At his lowest point, the NFL and lessons he learned from his father and coaches, helped him restructure his life. With hard work and determination, he became a motivational speaker and marketing leader with the goal of helping others to succeed. Marques currently works with clients such as JP Morgan, The Home Depot, The NFL, The U.S. Military, and many others speaking on a variety of topics, including leadership, transition, perseverance and resiliency.

His best-selling book, Sleepless Nights: The NFL: A Family and Business, is an autobiography following him from his birth to his NFL career, rise and fall in corporate America and beyond. Marques Ogden’s story is a candid look into the life of an NFL athlete that turns into a successful business man then loses it all and must overcome his demons of drinking and gambling to get his life back on track.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

The Success Cycle
Throughout my entire life I have always worked hard to achieve success. Whether it be football in the NFL, my 8-figure construction business empire that I built from scratch, or my career as a keynote speaker. Throughout my journey, I discovered that three key elements have helped me create success in my life, no matter what environment I have worked in. These three things are ambition, drive, and hard work. These three things when working in a harmonious fashion create prosperity, maximum results, and a high level of success... I call this "The Success Cycle"
• Ambition: Creating A Plan for Your Success for You and The Brand You Work For
• Drive: What Is Your Why Behind What You Do to Help the Brand Be Successful
• Hard Work: Be Willing to Outwork Your Competition, So Your Brand Can Be the Best
• This keynote will inspire your audience, to achieve greatness by understanding how these 3 characteristics when working together in unison can create maximum results in any environment


Performance Driven Leadership Lessons for Success
Our unique differences and valuable perspectives as individuals are distinct and extraordinary. Our experiences define who we are and our personal journeys.  Hear the personal story of how former NFL player, Marques Ogden, used the leadership skills he acquired as a football player to transition to life after the NFL. He will share how he overcame adversity and progressed toward his goals in a time of significant change. The workshop will provide you with tips on how to become an effective leader and will share information on how to build winning diverse teams.


• Ogden's Personal Leadership Development Process
• New England Patriot's Head Football Coach Bill Belichick's Thoughts of A Good Leader and Keys to Success
• Jack Del Rios - "how to be your own CEO"
• 6 Core Competencies of a Real Leader
• Character Ethics vs Personality Ethics
• How to build trust as a leader
• Creating a psychologically safe environment for your employees


The Power of Perseverance and Resiliency
Marques Ogden has overcome so much in his life, from being a NFL athlete, to a successful business owner, to a bankrupt business owner, to a hard-working janitor, to now a national keynote speaker. In 2012, Marques lost over 2 million dollars in 90 days and had to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In the spring 2013, his path gotten even darker when he was 1 week away from being homeless. With determination, persistence, and a relentless desire to get his life back on track, Mr. Ogden is now a national keynote speaker that speaks all over the world telling his inspirational and unique story. Your audience will get lessons like 3 ways to persevere in any situation, to Resiliency Acronyms to live by, and much much more!!!!


• The definition of Resiliency
• Marques Life Lessons Learned In and After The NFL
• Marques Transition into an annual 8 figure business owner he started from scratch
• Marques Transition After Going Bankrupt
• Marques Life Changing Moment
• 3 Things Must Possess to Successfully Persevere in any situation
• Key Trait on How To Earn Your Spot In Life


Diversity & Inclusion (Keynote and Workshop)
Diversity is bringing people together from all different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, religions, genders, and experiences to achieve a common goal.  Inclusion is creating a strong, healthy, and non-confrontational environment where employees can express themselves, in a healthy manner to help the company succeed, without feeling they are being judged.  As a former owner of an 8-figure minority-based construction company in Baltimore City, I understand these two words very well.  I owned Kayden Premier Enterprises from 2008-2013 a minority certified business with the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland.  Our company grew and thrived in its early years due to the diversity of our staff, and the healthy inclusion environment I cultivated for my staff.  When I loss site of how to maintain a healthy, safe environment for my employees to express themselves, my company went bankrupt from my lack of good, effective leadership.

I love telling my story talking about things like Building Trust, Not Judging Others, Open Lines of Communication, The Beauty Of Diversity, are the keys to building and maintaining a profitable enterprise.  As a CEO who did it the right way, and unfortunately did it the wrong way I enjoy sharing my experience with companies to help them thrive in their industry.

Collaboration and Effective Teamwork to Create Successful Organizations
This keynote is geared around the importance of establishing open communication, allowing healthy inclusion, and building trust. These things are vital to building a corporate culture where collaborative efforts and teamwork is consistently demonstrated by everyone in the organization...


• The process to build trust, which creates a culture where the team members will always have each other's back

• The 4 step process to help create positive collaboration and teamwork between employees

• Identify
• Connect
• Listen
• Create Value
• The meaning of the acronym T.E.A.M.
  • T:Teachable
  • E:Engaged
  • A:Adaptable
  • M:Mentor
•The difference between motivation and inspiration

motivation: is people make a change for a short period of time, which is not good to create a long term positive culture to help a brand elevate to the next level

inspiration: when you inspire people to make a systemic change, therefore creating long term solutions to problems. Along with creating a healthy and profitable environment that's built off a solid foundation, you are also creating an environment for people to express themselves freely as well

• The importance of inclusion. Inclusion is an atmosphere where people can express their thoughts and ideas, without fear of being judged. If you have an environment that has a strong foundation of inclusion, you are going to have excellent collaboration and teamwork in that environment because people will feel comfortable expressing their thoughts to the entire team. Healthy inclusion and dialogue is vital to a brand achieving optimal success.

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