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Pam Borton

ICF Senior Executive Coach PCC, National Business Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Expert, Philanthropist, and Author of ON Point: A Coach’s Game Plan for Life, Leadership, and Performing with Grace Under Fire
As a leading executive coach, Pam is committed to taking senior level and C-suite executives, and their high-performing teams, to the “Next Level”.

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Based on the east coast, Pam aligns with organizations and Fortune 500 companies across the country and across industries including finance, retail, IT, hospitality, higher education, human resources, and healthcare. Her clients include Merrill Lynch, Best Buy, Penn State University, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Hyatt Corporation and many more. Pam’s highly sought-after and unique leadership advice, business acumen, and proven track record has been featured in Twin Cities Business Magazine, Artful Living Magazine, Human Resources Executive Online, Business Opportunities Handbook, Wharton Business Radio Leadership in Action and Women@Work, WCCO CBS Morning News, and others.

As the winningest coach in the University of Minnesota women’s basketball history and now top-performing, ICF executive coach, Pam stands apart with 27 years of high-level, Division 1 coaching experience, including 12 years as head coach at the University of Minnesota. She led her teams to a Final Four, three straight Sweet Sixteen’s, and numerous NCAA Tournament appearances. Having successfully navigated the pressure and expectations of a highly visible position in an ultra-competitive environment, Pam now brings that unique background to her C-suite, senior level leaders and coaching teams in business. A multiple award-winning recipient, Pam has been honored with the 2016 Twin Cities Business Magazine Marvelous Mentor Award, Top 10 Global Women of Leadership Pillar Award, Ann Bancroft Dream Maker Award, (Real) Power 50 Award, New England National Coach of the Year, and was a two-time Naismith National Coach of the Year nominee.

To further expand Pam’s life’s purpose and passion of philanthropy, she founded two non-profits; TeamWomenMN in 2011, an organization dedicated to empowering professional women, and Empower leadership academy for girls in grades 5-12 in 2014. Pam was also honored with the creation of the Pam Borton Endowment at the University of Minnesota in the College of Education and Human Development, the only endowment of its kind in the world.

Pam is the President & CEO of Borton Partners, an executive coaching firm, and delivers dynamic keynote presentations nationally. She also co-founded Women ON Point, a leadership summit for executive women. Pam has a Master’s degree in Sports Management from Bowling Green State University, an advanced certification in
personal and executive coaching from the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, CA, is certified in the Everything DiSC, EQI 2.0, and customized 360 assessment tools and is certified and a member of the International Coaches Federation and the Forbes Coaches Council.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

21st Century Leadership: You’re On Point
Business is full of conversations, and communication is sometimes the hardest thing for many leaders to do well: hard ones, high-stake ones, and game-changing ones. And yet, we still have a tendency to be afraid of (and bad at) the tough conversations and celebrating small successes. We shy away from them or ignore them entirely. But these tough conversations are often the ones that are most critical for business, strategic partnerships, and developing your pipeline of success.

Pam discusses the importance of creating a culture of expectations, clear and open communication, and the importance of delivering feedback that will motivate individuals and organizations to realize their full potential.

Creating A Championship Culture – It’s The Expectation!
Culture is critical. You have to build culture like you build your business. However, most leaders and organizations spend more time on their daily tasks, processes, and their business strategies and less time about building a sustainable culture from an emotional perspective.

Pam discusses how to build a strengths and values-driven culture that promotes overall wellness where the emphasis is on the people and driving results.

Building High-Performing Teams…It’s About We!
The biggest difference between college athletics and corporate America is the whole team concept. Building functional and high-performing teams is the norm and the expectation to win on game day. The absence of working together and performing cohesively in business has corporate America turned upside down.

Pam shares how to build and create high-performing teams from the landscape of athletics. In reality, building and working on teams are not the norm for most in the workplace. The million-dollar question is, How? How do I motivate team members? How can I utilize the whole team and get everyone heading in the same direction? How can I implement simple processes that will get real results?

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
The business landscape and expectations change rapidly the higher you climb the corporate ladder. This forces you to adapt and evolve quickly and simultaneously. Likewise, other people’s behaviors and expectations shift, and you need to learn how to create new ways for businesses and stakeholders to interact with you. Perception is reality and you need to create the perception that supports your new title.

Pam discusses the expectations, opportunities, and challenges you have to face when climbing the ladder and cracking into this new space – the executive level. The expectations continue to change and the bar rises which means you must elevate your business persona and executive presence. It challenges one to think about and plan the next step up the ladder in your career.

Influential Leadership: Cultivating the Leader That Lies Within
The power of positivity is just that: Powerful! Leadership is influence and people buy into the leader before they buy into the vision. This kind of in influential leader is focused on people — and getting people from where they are to a place they have never been. This is created purposefully, intentionally, and inclusively across every level of an organization.

Pam explores how leaders can influence teams, employees, and companies so people can flourish and want to stay engaged.

The X-Factor: Emotional Intelligence
According to research, 70% of your culture is traced to the leader. What is the leader doing or not doing? High emotional intelligence is required for executive level leaders and is invaluable to successful business today. They in influence people around them, promote innovation, grow bottom lines, and introduce new perspectives to established companies. But more than anything, they bring an energy that benefits the workplace. These leaders are self-aware, manage relationships, exhibit ownership, take responsibility, and make difficult decisions.

Pam describes the core attributes of what separates the good leaders from the extraordinary ones and why. She also discusses how to incorporate these characteristics into your leadership approach.

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