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Anne Pryor

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Lovitude Soul Painter and LinkedIn Online Branding / Sales Expert

Anne Pryor, M.A. is the creator of Lovitude™ and a Soul Painter. She was inspired through after death communications (ADC) with her friend to create vivid images to elucidate, awaken, and activate souls using ink, her breath, and essential oils, on plastic. Anne was not an artist before these messages. Her paintings have been called 'visual blessings and are hanging in Mayo Clinic, a Pulitzer Prize Winner's home, in galleries and licensed on products sold globally. She was a featured guest on the Hallmark Channel Home & Family Show, viewed by millions of people and in the Lake Minnetonka Magazine.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Anne Pryor is a globally recognized creator of Lovitude™ and a Soul Painter. She was recently a featured guest on the Hallmark Channel, Home & Family Show with Host Cameron Mathison where she shared her unusual Lovitude Soul Painting technique. Lovitude means Love and Gratitude inspired by Spirit. She creates paintings that have been called ‘visual blessings’ with her breath, through a straw, ink and essential oils on plastic.

She has licensed her Lovitude images on products worldwide. Anne has been featured in numerous books and is a frequent speaker for her after death communications gifts and her universal meaningful connection approach which begins with her philosophy: ‘what happens to you happens to me; we are here to do our greatest good and we need each other to do so’. Her process includes teaching her 5A's Approach to Get What You Desire: Ask, Allow, Accept, Appreciate and Act. 

As a Top 10 LinkedIn trainer, she is known as a master at facilitating meaningful connections where she specializes in LinkedIn - creating branded profiles, sales training, online strategy coaching, and thought leadership strategies for c-level executives, business owners, recruiters, sales and marketing executives and job seekers to help them find profitable business and great careers.

With her diverse network, Anne helped to generate millions in dollars in sales for employers leveraging LinkedIn. As a former executive at Carlson Marketing, she served as Sr. Director of Wellness and Innovation where she designed solutions for Fortune 500 clients.

She was the first employee to open Mall of America’s Knott’s Camp Snoopy (where she worked with Charles Schulz and his team) and she directed sales and marketing for Valleyfair and Lifetouch Portrait Studios (JCPenney and Target studios).

Anne has provided presentations, trained and is a sought-out speaker for CEOs, Sales, Marketing, HR leaders from global Fortune 100 to small business clients including National Apartment Association, National Property Management Association, Mayo Clinic, 3M, Microsoft, Computype, Cargill, Curphy Consulting, PadillaCRT, Cargill, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, CHS, Land O' Lakes, Datatrend, Evercore Wealth Management, Thrivent Financial, Business Incentives Group, YA, Windings, Schwing, Salo, Convey, Hallett Financial, Stinson Leonard Street, Best and Flanagan, Checker Manufacturing, Wings Financial, Windings and many more.

Anne holds a Master of Arts degree from St. Mary’s University and a BA from SMSU where she was an intercollegiate letter-winner in basketball and tennis. Anne is Online Certified through 360 Reach Branding, certified Future Mapper through Masonari Kanda, certified Nordic Walking Instructor, a Lovitude Soul Painter, and designer of Lovitude® jewelry. She resides in Minnetonka, MN where she was recently featured in the Lake Minnetonka Magazine.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Bringing Lifeforce to Work

Authentic Heart Leadership - Bringing Mind, Body, and Soul to Work

Increase Creativity at Work and in Life

What Happens if You Ask Your Guides for Help?

What is After-Death Communications and How Does it Benefit You

How to Be Clear and Ask for What You Desire

Authentic Heart Leadership Starts with Lifting Up Others

How to Bring Innovation and Creativity to the Workplace

Create an Impactful Online Presence Using LinkedIn

How to Really Use LinkedIn to Grow Sales Fast


Anne's presentation on "Authentic Heart Leadership, Bringing Lifeforce to Work" to over 250 women IT professionals at Cargill was mind and heart-blowing. The responses that I've received from Anne and Rise's presentation were - 'their message was life-changing, their process for inviting more creativity was simple and actionable.' 'I have never been able to talk about soul this way at work. I am changed from ever'. I loved the interaction with Anne providing a life Lovitude Soul Painting demonstration. It was like watching a live meditation. I have recommended Anne to our international conference, to HMI and to many other organizations that I belong to.


I brought Anne in to talk to 150 Mayo Clinic Marketing Management Leaders and she blew them away. Her engaging presentation, 'Lifting Up Leadership' process and hands-on Lovitude Soul Painting demonstration left my staff spell-bound, completely engaged and wanting more. After the presentation, the team continued to use her techniques. I also loved that she created a custom Lovitude print of the soul painting to hang in the office and cards that I provided to the team at Mayo. I highly recommend Anne and Risë Severson Kasmirski - her business partner for her motivational and inspirational style and unusual presentation. We will invite her again and I have recommended her to present to many companies and colleagues.

Former CMO Mayo Clinic

"Anne Pryor is THE LinkedIn GURU, enthusiastic presenter, and inspiring coach! I invested 3 hours of my time in a LinkedIn class and gained such valuable insight, tips, and confidence in using LinkedIn! By deploying just a few of her recommendations, I've seen a dramatic improvement in my profile presentation."
Melissa Freeland
I highly recommend Anne Pryor as a rock star coach and expert advisor who can guide you in reimagining your LinkedIn profile. Anne's LinkedIn courses are action-packed with useful information and best practices that empower you to improve your branding and profile. I learned about how to build a 'portfolio career' from Anne and have enjoyed success in starting my own consulting business and being appointed to a company board. In this war for talent and consulting gigs during a global pandemic, Anne Pryor's advice is like the 'jaws of life' that will open your mind and help you to learn how to stand out in the digital world. Kimberly is a Board Member, Clinical Research Executive, and Consultant
Kimberly Oleson
"Anne Pryor has mastered the art of SEO for LinkedIn marketing! She is able to take a mediocre LinkedIn page and make it exceptional to the point where it's at the top of the hiring list for growing companies! Anne volunteered three hours of her time to the UpTurnships program to help students optimize their online presence and create a professional environment to begin a job search! I cannot thank her enough for her insight, feedback, and tips!"
Bailey Seidl

When Paradise Speaks

Week 5: Beyond-the-Veil Guidance to Express Your Soul’s Gifts for  Creativity, Healing & Transformation - Lovitude™ - Anne Pryor Lovitude Soul  Painter

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