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Christiane Northrup

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Best-Selling Author, Media Commentator, Leading Voice for Women's Health
Dr. Northrup is a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist. For over 25 years, she maintained a thriving clinical practice “ while becoming the sole woman on the male-dominated national stage that has long defined œwomen's health “ right or wrong. It's time to set the record straight once and for all.

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As Dr. Northrup has long argued, half the population lives in a fluid natural state of change that is loaded with innovation and renewal “ and deserves our attention and support.

“The conventional medical model sees the female body as flawed and requiring biologic fixes at various life stages. This belief system must be transformed. My personal mission is to inspire women at every life stage – cradle to grave-to understand the innate wisdom of their bodies, minds, and spirits as a pathway to optimal health and happiness. It’s high time that corporations also learned how to tap into the wellspring of information, collaboration, and innovation that stems directly from this feminine wisdom.”

Dr. Northrup speaks from experience. As a longtime clinician, former surgeon, business owner and mother, she’s “walked the talk” and is eager to share her lessons learned so that women everywhere can navigate their lives with greater success and ease.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

The Wisdom of Menopause: Creating the Best Years of Your Life
Midlife changes are inevitable – as 50+ million women age 35-65 know too well. But no one has to face the potential weight gain, mood issues, and insomnia alone. In this upbeat and eye-opening keynote, Dr. Northrup shares the one blueprint every woman needs to thrive (not just survive) during their very personal journeys of change. Armed with the latest research on hormone replacement, supplements, pelvic and breast health, brain changes, and more, women everywhere will walk away with an inspired new vision for their healthiest, strongest, most passionate life yet.

Feminine Radiance: Your Hidden Power
Trusted advisor Dr. Northup demystifies your assumptions and how they play out in your decisions, behaviors, and well-being. What quality of life do you really want for yourself? Level of joy and satisfaction? Impact on your community?
Hear a provocative new argument for investing in your best asset–YOU–via Dr. Northrup’s new vision of true feminine wisdom and power: feminine radiance. Her talk includes three prescriptive assessments to jump start your journey into your new future.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
Are women destined to wrangle with bodily curses throughout their lives? No. The unacknowledged truth is that the “inconveniences” of womanhood are not only a healthy part of who women are, they are the greatest natural source of creativity, pleasure, and even power.
In this interactive talk, Dr. Northrup delivers a new personalized healthcare plan that re-unites your body, mind, and spirit. Participants receive Dr. Northrup’s road-tested 10 practices for health, healing, and “the optimal you.”

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