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Chuck Martin

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Leading Business Strategist, Best-selling Author, Researcher
Chuck Martin is a New York Times Business Bestselling author, futurist and has been a leader in emerging digital technologies for more than two decades. He is considered one of the foremost Internet of Things (IoT) thinkers in the world and his latest book, "Digital Transformation 3.0 (The New Business-to-Consumer Connectinls of The Internet of Things), focuses on the digital disruption resulting from the Internet of Things.

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000
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Martin has spent his career defining the future impacts of developing technology on business around the world. As a futurist and visionary, in 1998, Martin wrote in his worldwide bestseller Net Future the following: “Wearable computers will venture out of the labs into the workplace, disposable chips will allow appliances to communicate with each other, and more networked devices will connect to more networked devices.” Martin essentially predicted coming arrival of the Internet of Things a decade ahead of time.

At the birth of the commercial Web, Martin was the founding publisher of Interactive Age, the first publication in history to launch in print and on the Web simultaneously. It was the first publication in history to run an interactive, online advertisement.

As head of Net Future Institute, a U.S.-based think tank that focuses on disruptive business strategies and marketing tactics for a networked world, Martin is on the forefront of research exploring the roles of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things and their impact on consumer behaviors.

Martin is a former Vice President of IBM, where he ran a $1 billion global division responsible for business strategy solutions in the media industry, including publishers and advertising agencies.

He also has been Associate Publisher of Information Week, a magazine targeted to CIOs and information technology professionals and has been an adjunct professor at the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where he taught Marketing Research.

Martin has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Cheddar TV and ABC-TV’s News Now, and is a regular guest on business radio talk shows.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Predictive, Adaptive, Responsive
Over the next five years, $6 trillion will be spent on new solutions relating to the Internet of Things, with consumer spending topping $1 trillion. Billions of sensors will change the entire supply chain, linking supply and demand to time and location. If it moves, it can be connected.  This sessions details how to deal with these new dynamics. The concept of loyalty is being reversed: rather than companies looking to identify and reward loyalty customers, it will be the customers who identify, aggregate and reward companies they perceive to be loyal to them. This is the ultimate business-customer disruption.

The Future Is Coming, Just Not When You Think
For the first time, more technology is being created than people can absorb and adopt. As a result, many businesses are feverishly plowing ahead unaware of what will work and when. This often leads to failure, sometimes at a massive scale. Even worse, success becomes elusive because the timing is miscalculated. In this presentation, based on his upcoming book, Chuck provides businesses with practical strategic and tactical guidance on how to navigate this phenomenon. He highlights how to deal with seven technologically driven forces hitting the market simultaneously. There are gaps between when advancements in any of these forces occur and when the marketplace will be ready to adopt them at scale.

The Butler Economy 
New forms of connectivity and sensors along with the miniaturization of big data are causing previously un-thought of and highly disruptive personalization methods. The Butler Economy, coined by Chuck Martin, is about the transformation of how businesses will need to serve customers who are being connected to everything around them as they go through their daily lives. This session defines the seven major forces, ranging from all-the-time everywhere-marketing to the end of push-pull marketing.

The Internet of Things (IoT)
As a futurist and visionary, in 1998, Martin wrote in his book Net Future the following: “Wearable computers will venture out of the labs into the workplace, disposable chips will allow appliances to communicate  with each other, and more networked devices will continue to be linked to more networked devices.” This session paints the picture for where the world is heading in The Internet of Things and what business leadership is needed to take an organization there.

Digital Transformation 3.0 
The first major digital transformation was the Internet. That one was gradual, taking years for every individual and business to get online for the first time. The second transformation was mobile, which was faster, since everyone was already on the Internet. The third transformation underway relates to the connecting of billions and billions of devices in every location, the Internet of Things. Chuck Martin has identified seven major digital transforming forces of the Internet of Things: artificial intelligence, digital voice assistants, smart homes, drones and robots, connected cars, sensors, and virtual and augmented reality. Based on his recent book “Digital Transformation 3.0″ (The New Business-to-Consumer Connections of The Internet of Things), this high-paced presentation puts into context the significance of each of the transformers, highlighting the aspects that matter both in the short and the long term. Digital Transformation 3.0 deals with what is about to impact every business and define the future.

The State of  Transformation 
Disruptive digital technologies are flooding the market. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, virtual reality, augmented reality, smart appliances, intelligent assistants, voice activation devices, wearables, hearables, autonomous vehicles, chatbots, smart speakers, near field communication, sensors and numerous forms of cognitive computing. This up-to-the-minute, non-techy market presentation provides a practical and understandable roadmap of all latest transforming technologies in market context with insight on how to skip the fads and ride the trends. Lots of short video examples.

The New Digital Landscape
There are more than 7 billion mobile phones worldwide, far exceeding the number of toothbrushes or toilets. With more than two billion of those being smartphones, a new consumer is emerging, totally armed with all information at their fingertips. In this customized, fast-paced and high-energy presentation, #1 best-selling author Chuck Martin lays out the digital landscape providing a clear direction and path for businesses of all types. Location technologies, NFC (near field communication and sensors of all types all play a role in the coming consumer behavioral changes that will impact all business. In what Martin defines as the Mobile Shopping Life Cycle, there are six specific moments when marketers have the opportunity to influence consumer purchase decisions.


An enthusiastic thank you for your Tough Management address as our 30th Anniversary Keynote Speaker. As you know, this year’s program was the best attended and, now that the evaluations are in, the best received Annual Conference yet. Surprisingly, our participants didn’t find you that tough! They enjoyed your high energy and humor; the important (sometimes affirming, sometimes concerning) CEO Opinions you presented; and the interaction.

As always, Chuck Martin you received wonderful marks! 98 percent of attendees either strongly agreed or agreed that your presentation was pertinent to their credit union's needs. In addition, 96 percent either strongly agreed or agreed that the educational content you provided was valuable. Some of the comments we received on your presentation were: 'Management ideas will help us manage more efficiently the things we control internally.' 'The Martin session was highly relevant to CU management and he tailored it further by sharing quotes from CU's and website information.'

Chuck Martin's approach to engage his audience by surveying them and comparing those results to his pool of senior business executives is a great way to provide interaction and interest within the context of a keynote address. The audience not only learns more about themselves but understands better the gaps between themselves and those they may report to.
ACTE (Association of Corporate Travel Executives)

Terrific!... Extremely relevant… A very informative and energetic speaker’... These are just a few of the many positive comments that I heard following Chuck Martin’s keynote speech at the 2006 Rocky Mountain Project Management Symposium: Leadership with Altitude.
PMI Mile Hi Chapter

Chuck Martin addressed the CEO/Sr. Management Workshop of the Massachusetts Bankers Association in January. Using research he compiled for the Massachusetts banking industry Chuck gave a very impressive talk.
Massachusetts Bankers Association

There can’t be a more fitting testimonial for Chuck Martin than the fact we had him back a second time. He has spoken for our group on two separate occasions, and he manages to always exceed our expectations. He’s an incredible, excellent speaker with terrific energy and great material. We are appreciative for the obvious effort he puts in to preparing for the conference and for tying his comments in to the theme. His material is always on.
CFO Enterprises

Chuck Martin did a great job! His message really hit home with our audience. His customized presentation reflected our client’s survey responses, benchmarked against significant research on issues facing most executives. Chuck’s energetic and upbeat presence on stage was captivating!
SSA Global

We thoroughly enjoyed Chuck Martin. As a Keynote Presenter, it can be difficult to strike on all chords with such a diverse audience as the one we had, but Chuck did it. He was able to balance very high energy, enthusiasm and humor with a remarkable amount of strong and interesting data.
ELAN Home Systems

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