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Crystal Washington

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Futurist and Technology Talks for Sales, Marketing, and Efficiency, Delivered In-Person, Hybrid, and Virtually!

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Every high-energy talk is customized to ensure the client's meeting objectives are met. From interactive audience games to actionable steps, your attendees will be engaged and excited about embracing tech tools!

Crystal Washington works with organizations that want to leverage technology to increase profits and productivity. Technology includes social media, apps, smartphones, and the web. Hired by companies including Google, Microsoft, and GE, companies in North America, Africa and Europe book Crystal Washington when they want their teams to take action online!

Get Ready to Laugh… and Learn!

Infusing humor, Crystal is known for her ability to take complex technology topics and make them easy to understand and accessible for everyday professionals and small business owners, across generations. Whether talking about her crazy technology missteps or how to combine online with offline customer interactions to build relationships, audiences relate to her practical, non-tech jargon approach to using tech to make us all more efficient, effective, and connected. At the end of each program, attendees walk away with items they can immediately implement.

Crystal has appeared in numerous publications including Entrepreneur, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Forbes and is regularly called on by major television networks as a tech expert. Crystal is the author of the books One Tech Action and The Social Media Why.

Prior to becoming a professional speaker, Crystal owned a successful social media consulting firm. Before that, she worked in revenue management and corporate sales where she managed several fortune 500 accounts and repeatedly broke company sales records in her early 20s. She is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional. Crystal is a Forbes' Leading Female Futurist and is the resident futurist on season two of Emmy-nominated Life 2.0.

Outside of speaking, Crystal considers herself to be a fun-loving nerd and travel fanatic. You might find her reading a book, enjoying a West African dance class, or cuddling up with an alligator in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest.

Crystal resides in Houston, TX with her husband CJ and their plant named Dog.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Harness Generative AI like CHATGPT for Enhanced Performance
(Highly Customized to Industries and Job Functions)

The future of generative artificial intelligence is here, and you don’t have to look far to see it. Technologies like ChatGPT are quickly becoming the most effective and efficient way for busy business professionals to increase profits and productivity. But if you’re not using it, your competitors certainly will. In this keynote, Crystal Washington will share her insights on how you can use this cutting-edge technology to drive performance and take business to the next level.

Attendees will leave knowing:

  • What generative AI is and is not; its limitations and best applications
  • How tools like ChatGPT will impact your industry
  • How to develop strategies for integrating ChatGPT into existing systems to supersize your results
  • Best practices and ethical considerations for leveraging ChatGPT in business applications

Imagine The Future

  • Identify the significant ways in which technology is changing human beings
  • Understand generational differences and technology preferences for increased team participation and client acquisition
  • Discover how technology like augmented reality, beacons, and artificial intelligence are shifting the job market and your customers' communication preferences and needs
  • Uncover what you should do NOW to get ahead of the curve and thrive!

Technology Hacks For Increased Sales

  • Uncover the #1 secret for attracting qualified prospects online
  • Discover the top five tools for wowing prospects, clients, and influencers with little to no effort on your part!
  • Use Google with social media as reconnaissance tools to discover who is using your competition, is actively looking for your services, and to pull membership rosters of potential clients from the “secret” web
  • Utilize simple technology options for creating marketing systems for automating your digital strategy and measuring ROI

Operation Outsource: Master Efficiency Using Technology

  • Discover secrets for strengthening lucrative professional relationships
  • Identify hacks for better business/career management
  • Uncover fresh "spy tricks" unknown to 99% of Internet users for gaining valuable client information and monitoring your competitors
  • Become an expert at task automation and outsourcing non-revenue generating busy-work (even at home)

Brand Yourself In An Increasingly Digital World

  • Discover the #1 trick for getting results from LinkedIn
  • Uncover how to use segmentation to make each connection feel like you're tailoring information to their needs
  • Use the best apps for creating a polished brand that attract influencers and opportunities

Crystal is the best I've heard in years! Being a motivational speaker myself, she was a breath of fresh air! A must-hear when you can. It would be an honor to meet you & thank you personally for a job well done.

Doc Smith District Manager United RentalsThank you for going above and beyond Crystal – you’ve set a new standard for us! The message and delivery to the group was timely, full of energy and FUN! I feel like we’ve gained a friend who helps us convey our commitment to the people attending our event. Crystal’s team was a pleasure to work with on the preparations of the event.

M.P., MANAGER, EVENT PLANNING & OPERATIONS, AMERICAN NATIONALM.P., MANAGER, EVENT PLANNING & OPERATIONS, AMERICAN NATIONALCrystal keeps the audience engaged and in the moment with her unique story telling, interactive group queries and thought provoking content about the changes digital devices have changes modern business world and how people exist within it. Ms. Washington will take you on a journey of self-discovery and offers several delicious nuggets (or digital life hacks) to try in your agency. I really enjoyed the program!

J.M., INSURANCE AGENT, MALARA AGENCYThis session was a forward looking set of facts leading people to actionable business building ideas.

K.N., PRIVATE WEALTH ADVISOR, RAYMOND JAMESEnergizing, engaging, fun, Crystal opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about technology and change. I left her session feeling hopeful and feeling like I can be open to technology and change versus feeling behind the curve, thank you Crystal!

C.K., CHIEF OF STAFF, LINCOLN FINANCIAL GROUPC.K., CHIEF OF STAFF, LINCOLN FINANCIAL GROUP You did an incredible job making the content relevant to multiple generations of workers and making it engaging! I would 100% suggest that Kaiser brings Crystal into larger groups of more senior employees for her to dazzle them the way she did for Connect@MSSA!

R.M., ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS CONSULTANT, KAISER PERMANENTECrystal’s energy is infectious!! Crystal did a phenomenal job at engaging the group by knowing a lot about my industry and having relevant content. Great job!!! Keep up the good work!

E.G., VP, WELLS FARGOCrystal is a futuristic who helps people look ahead into different life scenarios and plan for each of them. She gave us tips and tricks on how to implement these plans into our businesses. She was entertaining and witty. I would love to see her speak again. I think the speech was great. I would like to see your input in marketing for the future.

L.C., MARKETING AND OUTREACH COORDINATOR, NORTH VALLEY EYE CAREL.C., MARKETING AND OUTREACH COORDINATOR, NORTH VALLEY EYE CARE Engaging presentation with tips and tricks about how to utilize tech to improve your relationships with your clients, referral sources, etc. thank you! Enthusiasm is contagious- thank you for sharing your enthusiasm with us all!

J.H., SVP, FINANCIAL ADVISOR, RAYMOND JAMESJ.H., SVP, FINANCIAL ADVISOR, RAYMOND JAMES VERIFIED Powerfully captivating. Liked how she tailored her message to our audience. 10 Stars!

K.J.J., OWNER/BOOKKEEPER, HERITAGE BUSINESS SERVICESK.J.J., OWNER/BOOKKEEPER, HERITAGE BUSINESS SERVICES A great summary of technology with insights on ways to apply to your business.

J.O., VICE PRESIDENT, ALLOY CORPORATE FCUJ.O., VICE PRESIDENT, ALLOY CORPORATE FCU  Crystal was highly engaging and thought-provoking. She shared some very valuable thoughts on how to connect to the now, and be open to being the change. She was brilliant, very engaging and brought up the energy.


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