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Dave Dickey

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Expert in Improving Sales Skills, Sales Pitches, Influence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dave Dickey may very well be the best pitching coach outside of Major League Baseball. But we're not talking curves or spitballs; Dickey specializes in sales pitches. His training background for his sales skills was not exactly in the minor leagues.

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Dickey was an early employee of Definity Health, the inventors of what has become the HSA “ the health savings account. When United Health Group acquired Definity, he became president of the Healthcare Transformation Group for United. He then co-founded RedBrick Health, a health and wellness company dedicated to changing the financing to reward healthy lifestyles. As CEO of Second Story Sales, Dickey is out to cure anemic sales efforts for a wide range of companies. His offerings include coaching, workshops and public speaking “ each of which has healthy servings of his trademarked enthusiasm.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Everyone Influences: Sales Skills For All Of Us
You need to sell. We all do. And selling is hard. Dave Dickey has been involved in sales for more than 20 years. Frankly, he loves it, but knows that for many, it's overwhelming, intimidating, and difficult for both those selling and those being sold. But, you need to do it. You need to close more deals, keep more clients, collect more donations, recruit more talent, get more buy-in from your colleagues. You need to be more persuasive and influential, and better sell yourself.

Dave makes sales simple, more intuitive, more impactful. He's trained people in all industries, from the front-desk receptionist to the CEO, from single-person companies to Fortune 500s. He will help you develop a sales story, deliver it with confidence, and connect with your audience. A story that gets you comfortable with sales, solving your customers' problems and meeting their needs, versus pushing a product. His talk is engaging and full of energy. You'll walk away with a smile on your face, eager to sell.

Selling Your Sales Story: It's A Piece of Cake
The marketplace is changing rapidly, and prospects quickly need to understand your value. During this session, Dave Dickey will leverage his experience of reviewing hundreds of sales presentations per year to help audience members develop a new sales story. Not only will Dave help you with a new pitch, but he will help you deliver it with confidence so your next sales story will be a piece of cake!

Innovations in Health Care: Not An Oxymoron
Dave Dickey lives healthcare. He has seen it all from his time in multiple health plans, wellness companies, and healthcare consulting firms ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups. Leveraging his vast expertise and network of investors and companies, Dave scouts emerging trends in healthcare and healthcare financing. His research spans innovative health care payment systems, network and risk-bearing strategies, care delivery models, consumer tools, and other emerging market and technology trends. His findings are based on in-depth interviews and surveys with employers, consultants and health plans.


"Dave is a great keynote speaker. He is entertaining, compelling, and credible to both sales and non-sales employees. We use him in many ways to engage an audience “ internally, and with our consultants and clients.

Recently, he helped us at our client conference. Dave's charismatic and personable style was invaluable in getting our most elite clients to openly share their opinions. Dave encouraged our group of sophisticated buyers to talk and tell us about the things they value and what they feel is important. We will use the information we gained in a variety of applications.

Dave's warm personality and his highly-credible experience combine to engage and entertain the most sophisticated audience."
Consortium Health Plans, Inc.

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