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Devin Henderson

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Keynote speaker and award-winning magician, kicking off or closing your event while inspiring your audience to defy the impossible, no matter what challenges they are facing.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

A multi-talented powerhouse: an author, experienced presenter and seasoned performer, Devin Henderson has logged thousands of performances as an award-winning comedian and magician, and in-demand keynote speaker over his nearly two decade professional career. Devin’s passion is using his unique talents and experiences to inspire individuals and organizations to discover their greatest potential and keep going no matter what.

In 2014, Devin was honored when the producer’s of America’s Got Talent invited him to Hollywood to audition for Howard Stern, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and an audience of 5,000. Although he did not pass the audition and the segment never aired on TV or even made it to YouTube, it was an amazing and pivotal moment in Devin’s career and life. This unexpected turn of events, combined with his biggest successes in life, helped shape the message he shares with his audiences about maintaining a positive attitude and coming back from challenges even stronger.

Anyone who meets Devin soon learns there are always new levels of potential available to them, and achieving greatness in work and in life requires commitment, risk, perseverance and is a daily, on-going process. Devin helps people define and strive for their best all while maintaining humility, a sense of humor, and most importantly, a vision for new possibilities. To share this message, Devin’s full-length keynote includes a unique combination of magic, storytelling, and audience interaction that audiences have called “unreal,” “unexpected,” and “unforgettable.”

Devin is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), a designation conferred by the National Speakers Association on those who have earned it by meeting strict criteria (think of CSP like the black belt of public speaking). Devin began his entertainment career in 2004 as a comedy magician and soon after began using his comedy and magic to inspire audiences of professionals across the United States.

What originally inspired Devin to become a performer? From piano recitals at age 6, to magic in talent shows at age 12, to drumline competitions in high school and eventually becoming an award-winning magician and professional speaker, Devin has always been passionate about uplifting audiences and inspiring them to achieve new levels of greatness.

Devin hails from Kansas City and is married to the world’s most amazing woman. He has seven daughters. Yes, seven. Daughters.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:


What would you do and who would you be if you believed anything was possible for you?

For many people a once-held vision of unlimited possibility gets small and limited as a result of unexpected challenges, life's daily stressors, self doubt, isolation and even failure. But what if you could reclaim and even expand your full potential at any time?

Join seasoned speaker and performer Devin Henderson for an unforgettable experience of entertainment meets inspiration.

Part magic & mentalism show, part inspirational keynote, take a break from the worries of the day while breaking free of perceived limits, as your organization discovers the mindset and practices to realize their greatness like never before.

They'll learn to...

• Overcome common fears and challenges that can sabotage what's truly possible.
• Attain a seemingly impossible goal, without slowing down or giving up.
• Rethink what's possible and uncover untapped potential like never before.


Devin Henderson's Featured Keynote Experience, Something Greater is Always Possible, is not only interactive, but takes advantage of the unique interaction opportunities that are only possible in a virtual setting.

1. The Magic of "On-Stage Seating"

• "On Stage Seating" makes your people the star (think: leaders, team members, event participants, etc.). Audiences love to see key individuals on the virtual "hotseat" experiencing a magic/mentalism trick 1-1 with Devin, responding with wide-eyed wonder, and never knowing what will happen next! As fellow On-Stage and Regular Participants watch on, On-Stage Seating makes everyone feel like they are in the front row of a Las Vegas Show.


• "On Stage Seating" solves a common problem when it comes to engaging, interactive presentations: a) when all participants are muted the entire time, the virtual environment can feel sterile and lifeless, however b) when all participants are unmuted, the background sounds of a large group can quickly turn into auditory chaos and distraction. By having a select number of participants umuted (typically around five), all participants will get to feel like they are part of a powerful shared EXPERIENCE, and the engagement and laughter of the "on-stage seating" participants only makes the group at large respond and engage more with the performance and message.

2. The Magic of Humor

Humor is a timeless strategy to build energy and keep audience members engaged, connected, and part of a unified experience. Humor is artfully woven throughout the presentation. In the virtual space, being able to hear the laughter from the featured On-Stage Seating participants encourages all participants to laugh in key areas where humor highlights the message, reducing stress and inspiring participants to be fully present throughout the presentation.

3. The Magic of an Engaged Chat

Devin interacts with the chat throughout the presentation so everyone can enjoy personal interaction with him and each other. At the end of the presentation, Devin asks, "How are you feeling now?" Common answers include, "Motivated!" "Inspired!" ""In Awe" and "Grateful."

4. The Magic of an Inspiring, Relevant Message

This presentation incorporates storytelling elements that audience members routinely say feels relatable, emotional, and like "their story" as if Devin was talking directly to them. This storytelling method allows the key lessons to sink deeper and keeps audience members hanging on every word.

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