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Dr. Janet Lapp

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Workplace Transformation Consultant, Psychologist, Author
Dr. Janet Lapp is a psychologist, author and consultant for workplace transformation. She is known for her ability to create optimism, energy and an intense emotional connection. Her unique interactive approach engages the audience in a “change lab,” where they first assess their leadership skills, then leave with tools to transform from where they are to where they need to be.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Former professor, researcher, clinician, and registered nurse, Dr. Janet Lapp was born and raised in Québec, Canada; her PhD is from McGill University in Montreal. Over the past 25 years, she has inspired over 3,500 audiences around the world from Russia to Argentina to Hong Kong–with clients such as IBM, AT&T, Allstate, New York Life, Toyota, and Kawasaki – to adopt a mindset skilled in leading others through disruptive change. She is a dual citizen, presents in three languages, and regularly consults throughout Europe and the Americas.
A licensed clinical psychologist and author of five books, she is founder of ChangeFit™ Leadership Labs, has been admitted to the Speakers Hall of Fame, and one year was rated by Toastmasters as one of the top three speakers worldwide. She is the creator and host of the Emmy-nominated CBS series ‘Keep Well,’ and has appeared regularly on INN, ABC, CNN, and NBC affiliates.

The Ritz-Carlton team and IBM sales used her best-selling book Plant Your Feet Firmly in Mid-Air to help create their successful transformations. She is author of four other books: Dancing with Tigers, Positive Spin, Why Won’t They Listen to Me? (pack leadership), and on personal transformation: The Four Elements of Transformation. Her forthcoming business book (Wiley, 2022) highlights the disruptive leadership mindset needed to guide others through disruptive change.

A pilot and flight instructor, Janet has flown throughout South America and Africa on medical and rescue missions. She is a long time volunteer with the Flying Doctors of Mercy in central México and the founder of the award-winning ‘Agua Limpia’, giving clean water access to the Sinaloa indigenous.

She is a 2019 National AG Triathlon champion, competed with Team USA at the Lausanne World Finals and reached IRONMAN Gold All World Athlete status for 2021. She currently lives in southern California.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:


Successful transformations during disruptive change demand a defined set of behaviors from all levels of leadership. The power of connection is the new workplace currency. The currency of the transformational leader is transparency, vulnerability, and flexibility.

During this transformational period, the worst thing you can do is to sit back and wait until the technology stabilizes. The most important thing you can do is to move forward. The window of opportunity closes quickly. Only a hands-on, fully engaged and digitally-savvy leader can create the level of engagement needed to lead people through this AI revolution.

This event is a Living Lab where senior leaders can evaluate their own reactions and resistances to change, and map out a blueprint of actions and attitudes that will more likely help move their people effectively through any change process.

1. Practice the mindset ingredients of a transformational leader.
2. Be alert for mindset pitfalls during fast change and how to correct them in oneself and others.
3. Leave with a renewed sense of the possible.



Your people didn’t believe it could happen to them. Then, disruptors appeared on the horizon, and now everyone has to play catch up. Up to one-third of your workforce could be actively resistant. How much faster could you move if everyone were on board?

This program budges people out of the past and helps them SEE that change affects everyone, there is no choice, and no hiding AND IN THE END, ADAPTING WORKS BETTER FOR EVERYONE.


  • Summary of hard trends in your industry, how others are adapting and simple changes you can make to keep up.
  • Easiest steps to an agile workforce and workplace.
  • What resistance looks like and best ways to budge it.
  • A take-out plan to grow skills and mindsets you’ll need to adapt to and lead fast change.




Do something SO bold, that a year from now, when we are through this, you’ll shout: “I can’t believe we/did that!”

Especially during disruptive change, this program is personally inspirational. However, the effects extend to the workplace … as people become bolder, more confident, take more risks, think larger - despite circumstances.

Janet brings the lessons of her experiences as a National Triathlon Champion, Ironman competitor, and pilot who’s flown through the world … to inspire you to think the impossible and do the unimaginable. Her stories highlight overcoming depths, resilient comebacks, and miraculous survivals.

You will knock away outdated pillars, blow away perceptions of what’s possible, rewrite your story and create a new set of rules. In so doing, life will be expanded as never before.


  • Motivate yourself to push beyond.
  • Rewrite old stories and old rules.
  • Push back limiting blocks.
  • Develop a personal Change Airbag, where nothing will get you down.

The worst thing you can do is to sit back and do nothing, with the excuse that you were not told. The most important activity during fast change is to move forward. Don’t wait! The window of opportunity closes quickly.



You need to stay focused, optimistic and forward moving …. despite disruption. You need a leader with the clinical skills to help people through trauma.


1. Through survey and interview, we find out what’s going on, how people really feel.

2. We find out which of five basic change reactions you have, to understand your own and others’ reaction styles. This increases understanding and empathy, and gives us a recovery roadmap.

3. We practice the skills that successful change adaptors use to stay focused and optimistic, no-matter-what. We learn to balance energy output and avoid burnout.

4. We learn how to look for opportunities and possibilities. Move from “what-if” worry to a “what-now” action plan.

5. Develop a Master Grid Plan that will lead to productive, high-value action. Starting from a new end vision or desired post-COVID future state, work backwards into short -term goals and devise action plans that are scheduled on a daily basis.

My mission is to give hope and optimism during difficult times; to show clear paths forward where there had been none before.


You captured everyone from the moment you walked onstage. Thank you for an exciting program and a compelling message. It gave everyone much food for thought and guidance to make the changes we all need to make. It was exactly what I wanted, and what we needed.
Kevin Boyce, President, Molson Canada

That is exactly what we have been trying to get through to them .. you really did your homework. Thanks for a great program and some eye-opening messages.
Doug Bergeron, CEO, Verifone

She gets people to change faster and enjoy doing it. She challenges with ideas, and connects through endless humor and energy.
Don Robert, CEO Experian

She captured the hearts and minds of our group and left them with the belief that the changes they are experiencing can be positive, no matter what. She did that by her credibility, and then with just side-splitting humor and compelling stories that took them from laughter to tears. They learned exactly what skills they needed, and practiced them right in the session, and actually started developing the mindset ..In the end, she led them to rekindling their passion and remembering why they entered their jobs in the first place. She also addressed our group from Quebec in French, which was much appreciated.
V. Jones, Tommy Hilfiger

You were superb! A standing ovation is difficult to come by with this audience, but you held them in your hand the whole time. I have only heard outstanding reviews. The message was well delivered, entertaining, and on target with our conference. Comments range from ‘excellent, outstanding, wow!!’ to ‘bring her back again and again’...I definitely can say that the 3000+ Emergency Nurses attending the meeting found you upbeat, encouraging and very funny. You really understood the group (it didn’t hurt that you were a former ER nurse) and the stories you told touched our hearts. I heard many tears and much laughter around me. Thanks for again making our event a special one.
B E Marett, RN, MSN

Congratulations on an enormously successful program. Your session was again our top-rated program with an average rating of 98.1. I have heard so many favorable comments about your work and it certainly was a highlight of the conference. I personally value the contribution you are making to not only NAHC but to the world of home care and to the health and well being of so many around the world.
Val Halamandaris

You closed our convention on such a high note, you held the attention of the audience throughout with your skill and humor. You really got who were are and gave us courage, and some said you gave them enough energy to keep going for a whole year!
E. Miller, RN, BSN

I looked over the feedback from the conference and, as usual, the reaction to your program was amazingly positive ... 100%. It’s amazing how effectively you can connect with this group.
M. Lewin, VP Blue Cross Blue Shield

Thank you so much–you were just what the doctor ordered! I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to get to know us. Your personal focus on Lincoln was incredibly well received and much appreciated by all our leaders. Very productive, high energy and highly participatory. One could sense that the room finally felt it was safe to speak their minds–they were very honest, respectful and engaged–and you could just feel the cohesion strengthening. You’ll be hearing from us again, you’ve gotten under our skin!
D. Breines, Lincoln Financial

You hit a home run! People felt inspired, open, encouraged after your sessions and feel they have the tools they to make changes with their teams.
Rachel McFarland, P&C Director

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