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Mark Scharenbroich

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Nice Bike, Making Connections That Move People
WHY HIRE MARK SCHARENBROICH? In every presentation he touches the mind and the heart and people are moved to take immediate action. His message is all about connecting – connecting team members to each other and connecting more fully with the client, guest or customer.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Audience members continually note that his Nice Bike messages take them on a roller coaster ride experience with stories that touch the heart, brilliant comedic timing and actionable strategies. Plus, it is motivating, fun and engaging. When team members are truly connected – retention improves, sales increase, customer loyalty soars and your business grows.

Emmy award winner, Hall of Fame keynote speaker and entertainer, Mark developed the Nice Bike metaphor to drive home the power of connecting in a more genuine way. Part motivational keynote speaker, part thought-provoker and pure entertainer – Mark delivers every time.

Mark crafts a presentation that is a true experience by touching sensory levels – visual, intellectual and emotional. He delivers messages that your audience will remember for a lifetime.

Employees, team members and leaders need to know who they are in the big scheme of things, and that what they do matters. Mark’s tailored messages for businesses and organizations include the following topics:

• Connecting the entire team to the mission, vision and core values.
• Connecting leaders to the front line to improve the workplace culture.
• Connecting with customers to create remarkable experiences.
• Connecting to innovation and the changes needed to fuel company growth.
• Connecting teams through mergers and acquisitions.

Mark’s biggest “Ah-ha” moment came while traveling to an engagement. It was there that he stumbled upon the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company’s 100th year anniversary celebration. He kept overhearing people as they passed bikers and shared two simple words, “Nice Bike”.

A connection was made. It gave Mark an unforgettable metaphor that inspired him to write his award-winning book, Nice Bike: Making Meaningful Connections on the Road of Life.

More than a passing compliment, Nice Bike is a powerful, memorable metaphor that acts as a catalyst to help build stronger connections and more effective teams. The Nice Bike principle helps individuals to become more engaged and passionate about serving others.

Mark’s Nice Bike messages teach his listeners to make connections. Engage your people, energize your business.

• Emmy award for an ABC TV special
• Axiom Business Book Award
• Ben Franklin Book Award
• National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame inductee
• National Speakers Association’s Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
• Silver Screen award for the film, “The Greatest Days of Your Life … So Far”
• Telly, Remi, Aurora and International Health and Medical Film awards as performer/writer/producer of several video programs

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Nice Bike: Making Connections That Move People
Mark Scharenbroich’s “Nice Bike” principle is all about acknowledging, honoring, and making connections that move people. According to the Gallup Management Q12 research, just 28% of employees are fully engaged in their organization, which a whopping 71% of the workforce is underperforming or actively undermining their work. However, organizations that focus on employee engagement improve productivity, develop higher levels of customer engagement, increase retention of their best employees, and improve profitability.

Using the Nice Bike concept (which involves half-a-million Harley-Davidson bikers, lots of black leather jackets, one beige rental car, and the sincere recognition of what’s really important), Scharenbroich helps his audiences instill greater passion in their work and feel a profound connection to what they do. This presentation is a guaranteed catalyst for a stronger, more unified team.

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