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Renee Rongen

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Wise and Witty Mom, Entrepreneur, Author, Friend
Reneé Rongen is a wise and witty mom, award winning entrepreneur, author and friend to many. Media has dubbed her “the mother of motivation” and a combination of “Oprah, Lilli Tomlin and Mother Teresa”.

Fee Range: $10,001 – $20,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

From board rooms to 5th grade class rooms to packed convention centers, she is the international speaker who has inspired thousands of individuals to “Live Life From the Inside Out.” Since 1990, Reneé has delivered humorous, powerful, life-changing messages, encouraging her audiences to identify and use their unique gifts to make positive differences in their work, families and communities.

Reneé is best known for her authenticity and empowering audiences to become architects of their own lives. She is the “eternal optimist” and always manages to find extraordinary in the ordinary. She delivers hilarious, unforgettable keynote presentations to corporations, professional organizations, universities, parent and women’s groups across the country. She is well known for her entertaining and dynamic delivery, often sprinkling her presentations with real life stories. Audiences can be found laughing aloud and brushing away tears as she masterfully recounts story after story, each with an enduring message and special meaning for the soul.

Reneé is the author of the acclaimed Christmas classic Grandy’s Quilt…A Gift For All Seasons. Grandy’s Quilt is the true heartwarming story of her grandmother’s wish to share an old family heirloom and the gift of a magical friendship found deep in the folds of the old quilt.

Growing up in rural Minnesota and finally finding her way back after living over several oceans and mountains, Reneé was delighted to increase the population to 952 when she made Fertile, MN her forever home.

Reneé’s genuine personality is coherent in her self-noted greatest accomplishment and privilege of being wife to Tom and mother to Alexander, Elizabeth, and Grace. She makes her home with them year-round on a northern Minnesota lake. She is a keen observer of life and sees every moment as a time to gather material for her keynotes. Her many girlfriends, three children and positively 100% Norwegian husband provide her with more than ample laugh out loud moments to pass on to her audiences.

Reneé loves life and is continually challenging herself to share her gifts with others. Her goal is to be able to say at the end of her life: “I come to You just as I am . . . I have nothing left . . . I used all of the gifts You gave me.”

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

Life’s Your Legacy… LIVE IT™!
Reneé’s energetic signature message will make you laugh out loud as she shows you how to live life consciously with your legacy in mind. Do you want your epitaph to read: “I worked a lot, I had a clean house, I went church every Sunday”? No? Then learn how to define your legacy—how to live your best life NOW! Reneé’s powerful voice invites you to start living from the inside out, to wake up from your daily coma to the positive interactions you have already with your family, your work, and your community. Learn to experience purpose and even more passion in your time above ground.

Life is Short – Simplify Your Load
Do you feel like Superwoman? Are the day-to-day tasks of keeping all the balls in the air wearing you down? Daily demands on your time and attention never end. Do work, family, and personal time clamor for your recognition? Reneé’s practical applications will help you repack your life’s baggage and lighten your load. Do you want to know how to allocate appropriate time to each aspect of your life? Reneé will help you escape from the five o’clock traffic-jam-kind-of-busy and feel fulfilled in the rewards of a life that is well lived!

High Tea at 103
There are a lot of lessons learned in a century-long life. In High Tea at 103, Reneé shares a lifetime of advice passed on by her 103-year-old great grandmother. Hysterically funny, poignant, heartwarming and downright practical, her great grandmother’s wisdom is meant to be shared with girls from 10 to 110. Reneé bestows her great grandmother’s life lessons to her audiences in a powerful and passionate message.

Rx: Prescription for Success
Is your organization aching for pain management? Let’s get the stethoscope out and get to the heart of the matter. Are patients happy with the care they experience or are they calling 911 from their hospital beds? Is your organization’s blood pressure rising with the changes in the healthcare industry? Do your patients experience more trauma when you, as healthcare professionals, are pushed to your limits as an industry? Prescription for Success outlines strategies for taking your organization’s internal temperature. Laugh and learn the prescribed steps and re-focus on what the healthcare business is really about, your patients.

News Flash! YOU are the Customer Service Department
The customer is always right, but that doesn’t mean you’re wrong. There is no magic involved and you need not be a rocket scientist to master great customer service. You simply need to be empowered as an ambassador of your own organization. Get back to the basics and learn the five cardinal rules to acquiring new customers and developing long-term customer relationships. With Reneé’s advice, it’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Marriage, Motherhood, Mid-life and now Menopause?
Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel? Does your daily routine leave you exhausted and feeling unfulfilled? Reneé has been there, done that. She shares her life-saving solutions for getting off the hamster wheel and living life. Whether you have ever been married, been a mother or are into the halftime of your life, you will laugh out loud as you relate to Reneé’s hysterical personal stories from her life in each of these stages. Reneé’s message of life balance is remembered and practiced by women long after she steps down from the platform.


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