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Roger Crawford

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PLAY TO WIN! Believe ● Execute ● Achieve
Sports Illustratedhas named Roger Crawford as “one of the most accomplished physically challenged athletes in the world,” In recognition of his extraordinary athletic achievements, he was given the prestigious ITA Achievement Award, presented by the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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After realizing tremendous success on Center Court as a Division 1 athlete, he took his talents to Center Stage and became a motivational speaker. Roger positively influences audiences worldwide, eloquently sharing the principles he has lived. Those include adaptability, possibility thinking, and eliminating self-imposed obstacles. His remarkable life story is a powerful example that “challenges are inevitable, defeat is optional!”

Roger has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame in recognition of his professional success. As a member of the Hall of Fame for People with Disabilities, he shares this impressive distinction with fellow honorees such as Christopher Reeve, Helen Keller, and former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

You may have seen Roger Crawford interviewed on Good Morning America, CNBC, Monday Night Football, The Today Show, and many other prominent television programs.

The Tennis Channel produced a feature segment about Roger’s life as an athlete and professional speaker, which aired during the U.S. Open.

The print media has profiled Roger in publications such as Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Fast Company, and Tennis Magazine.

Roger is also a bestselling author whose books have been translated into 17 different languages. His most recent book, Think Again! Discover the Possibilities Hidden in Plain Sight helps readers embrace change, improve their mindset and achieve breakthrough performance.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

The Power of a Winning Mindset! Change Your Mindset Change Your Results!
What do all remarkable people and organizations have in common? They’ve discovered the Power of a Winning Mindset. Our mindset is defined as a mental attitude that predetermines a person’s response and interpretation of a situation. The foundation for constructing winning results is a winning mindset!

The beliefs we have about our talent, potential and opportunities have a tremendous influence on how we perform. As a result, we rarely achieve more or become more than we believe we can. Here’s why, mindset directs behavior, which dictates motivation that determines outcomes. A winning mindset produces results. A mediocre mindset produces excuses.

The most important capacity you have is the capacity to choose your mindset. The good news is a winning mindset is something that can be learned, changed, and leveraged.

Here are some actionable ideas to make a Winning Mindset your competitive advantage:
• Who do you think you are? Life’s most important question.
• Realize the way you talk to yourself is not cheap; it can cost you success.
• Find the remote and change the channel on your mental TiVo.
• Increase your productivity as you concentrate on what you procrastinate.
• The better you chose to think the better results you get.
• Our mindset determines whether we see ourselves as victims or victors of our circumstances.
• A winning mindset gives you the courage to embrace the unknown and let go of the known.
• You win from the inside out.
• We act consistently with who we believe we are.

Winning Through Change! How to see Change as an Opportunity
Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ll be a lot more optimistic when things get back to normal?” Wouldn’t you agree that in our rapidly changing world normal is ahead of us – not behind us? Constant change is here to stay and depending on how we view it can be overwhelming or an opportunity! For organizations to win through change they must continually adapt, transform and reinvent. As a result, “We have always done it that way” is no longer a viable philosophy for long-term success.

In this presentation, audience members will learn that because change is inevitable, winning is possible.This mindset allows them to benefit from the enormous opportunity change presents. They won’t feel defeated by change in their work, rather they will find ways to leverage change. Roger Crawford will give your team a winning perspective so when faced with changes they will see possibilities appear not disappears.

Here are some actionable ideas to help your team Win Through Change!
• See change as something new instead of something wrong.
• Develop a ‘forward to normal” mindset.
• Determine what you can control and focus your energy there.
• Understand the difference between fear and anxiety.
• Expect and accept change.
• In today’s world of constant change, we can’t excel with yesterday’s thinking.
• Make change happen instead of waiting for change to happen.
• Embracing the facts is the first step to building fortitude.

Leading to Win! Inspiring Others to Move Beyond Acceptable to Achieve the Exceptional
As a tennis player, I learned that to be successful on the court you had to have a consistent follow-through. This is true in business as well. Leaders who win realize their team’s most important capability is the ability to execute. Would you agree that ordinary ability with extraordinary follow-through produces remarkable results? Effective leaders set ambitious but attainable goals and provide the encouragement, resources, and tools needed to achieve the exceptional.

The most successful leaders are first and foremost heart specialists. In other words, they connect emotionally by showing respect, empathy, and care for others. Leaders who win don’t spend their energy pursuing prominence because that is about them. They strive for significance which is focused on the team.

When teams embrace a compelling vision for the future and trust their leader, they achieve the exceptional. Leading to win is helping others see that desire can be more powerful than disappointments

This program will motivate your leaders to:
• Create a winning vision for the future that is compelling and vivid.
• Identify the must-wins for the team.
• See perseverance as a combination of patience and persistence.
• Establish a culture of optimism.
• Inspire your team to break through self-imposed obstacles.
• Help others work in their “sweet spot.”
• Build leadership success on significance instead of prominence.

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