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Dan Hill

Author, Emotional Intelligence Expert, Global TV Commentator

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000
Phone: 800-328-6008

Dan Hill is the author of eight books, including Emotionomics, which was an Advertising Age top 10 must-read selection and features a foreword by Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons. In 1998, Dan founded Sensory Logic, Inc. whose clients represent over 50% of the world's top 100 advertisers. Besides having spoken to audiences in over 25 countries, Dan has had media appearances ranging from ABC's "Good Morning, America" to NBC's "The Today Shows", CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ESPN, PBS, and the Tennis Channel. Dan was also a regular guest on PBS’s “Mental Engineering” show, hailed by Bill Moyers as “the most interesting weekly half hour of social commentary and criticism on television.” In print, Dan has received front-page coverage in the New York Times for his work in pro and NCAA Division 1 sports and was a non-partisan columnist for Reuters during the 2016 presidential race. Nowadays he hosts the podcast "Dan Hill's EQ Spotlight," which appears on the New Books Network (NBN), the world's largest book review platform with over 1.7 million downloads monthly. Dan was educated at St. Olaf College, Oxford University, Brown University and Rutgers University. He's an avid tennis player and movie buff.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

AI & EQ:  Why & How to Upskill for Tomorrow’s Innovative Workplace

The Fifth Industrial Revolution is already happening, meaning workers must upgrade their EQ skills and abilities to avoid being made obsolete by the use of robots and artificial intelligence. What can people do better than machines and algorithms? The emphasis has to be placed on innovation and ways in which social skills, aided by emotional intelligence, can lead to more productive outcomes.

Engagement & Retention: Workplace Dynamics

Managing employees is the single most emotional element in the business world. Inevitably, emotionally-charged “moments of truth” will come to dominate the relationship, subtly overshadowing rational components like company goals and specific work assignments. To help managers and staff safeguard and enhance their working relationships, this talk focuses on the following topics: employee engagement, empowerment, and retention; how to foster a healthy, interactive style and inclusive corporate culture; and finally, what it takes to practice change management amid the need for accountability. Most of all, this talk focuses on tips and tactics for how to navigate the realities of managing people and fostering collaboration.

Leadership: Insights from Analyzing NFL QB’s & U.S. Presidents

Leaders have always fascinated Dan, from the start of his career as the Director of Executive Communications for a Fortune 500 company onward. As a front-page profile in The New York Times attests, Dan has used his analysis of individual players and team chemistry to help general managers and coaches at both the pro sports and NCAA’s Division I level. He’s also studied presidential candidates as a non-partisan columnist for Reuters during the 2016 presidential race and served as a campaign advisor for a party during the 2012 Mexican presidential race. Now the knowledge of how leaders best inspire followers can be yours.

CX: How to Enhance Trust, The Emotion of Business

Don’t give anybody any feelings you wouldn’t want yourself, writes Jeffrey Gitomer. And it’s true. Yet too often customer service and the customer experience in general isn’t all it could be. How can your company keep the customer’s “journey” from ending in a cul-de-sac? What promotes loyalty? The three pillars of trust are competency, honesty, and benevolence. Turn mad and sad into glad. Here’s your opportunity to get the inside scoop on how to build all three pillars of trust as an organization by leveraging emotions in a positive way.

Marketing: Engaging Visuals & Video Secrets

Being on-message isn’t enough. To break through the clutter, a company’s campaign must also be on-emotion: creating the right emotion at the right time to improve the odds of a sale. How best to do so? Visuals more than words are the surest way for-ward. Learn the secrets of effective imagery. Because content on Facebook’s News Feed garners only 1.7 seconds of viewing on average and even people who go into an art museum to look at paintings and photographs only stay engaged for about 4 seconds per art work, it’s definitely time to learn how to elongate the window of opportunity you need to form a connection with your target market. Don’t keep wasting half your advertising dollar; grow your business instead!

Sales: Reading What People Can’t or Won’t Say

As Daniel Pink points out, we’re all salespeople. Even if you’re not out in the field selling to prospects, you’re still busy trying to win over a boss or colleagues on an idea you believe can move the company ahead. To do that well, you have to become as emotionally literate as possible and be aided by the scientific tool facial coding to know what emotions your audience is feeling so that you can carry the day “If you can’t go into a room and know who’s with you and who’s against you, you’re not worth spit as a politician,” said former president Lyndon B. Johnson. Don’t fall short. Be excellent at influencing and persuading others thanks to a fool-proof, feedback loop that enables you to make adjustments to your pitch in real time.



“Your speech was brilliant, charismatic and inspirational. People really love you! Our international audience of 500 executives rated your presentation as excellent.” Director of Communications, Great People Inside Conference, Romania

“Once again, many thanks for your inspired presentation at our event; you were quite literally the star of the show! The buzz was truly excellent.” Business Development Director, Omnicom Media Group, Dubai, UAE

“I thought that you would be interested to have the feedback from delegates on your session. They rated the content at 93% and your style at 99% --obviously making you the star of the show!” Conference Director, Redhill, United Kingdom


Dan Hill

Blah, Blah, Blah: A Snarky Guide to Office Lingo, 2021

Two Cheers for Democracy: How Emotions Drive Leadership Style, 2019

First Blush: People’s Intuitive Reactions to Famous Art, 2019

Famous Faces Decoded: A Guidebook for Reading Others , 2018

On-Emotion: Salvaging Market Research, 2013

About Face: The Secrets of Emotionally Effective Advertising, 2010

Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success, 2008

Face Time: How the 2008 Presidential Race Reveals the Importance of Being On-Emotion in Politics, Business, and in Life, 2008

Body of Truth: Leveraging What Consumers Can’t or Won’t Say, 2003

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