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Tim Sanders

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CEO of Net Minds, Internal and External Relationships Expert and Best-selling Author
Tim Sanders is more than a keynote speaker; his real world experience, research savvy and deep understanding of the human condition make him an indispensable consultant to some of the biggest brands in the world. His Los Angeles based company, Deeper Media, conducts research on business trends, new media and human behavior.

Fee Range: $20,001 – $30,000

A bestselling author, leadership coach, and former Yahoo! executive, Tim Sanders is one of today's most prominent advocates for building business success through sharing your knowledge, network, and compassion with your business partners. His most recent book, Today We Are Rich - Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence, reached #2 on the 800-CEO-Read best-sellers list. He's also the author of the highly successful books Love is the Killer App, The Likeability Factor and Saving the World at Work.

Sanders was at ground zero during the dotcom crash, as Yahoo!'s Chief Solutions Officer. He saw some companies and individuals rise up from the ashes and others wither and fail. The difference, he learned, lies in confidence, trust in team and belief in mission. Today, Sanders speaks to audiences around the world about how to instill a solutions-oriented, promise-keeping culture of highly confident and innovative people.

Speech Titles and Descriptions:

INNOVATING FASTER - Why Collaboration Changes Everything
Leaders in every industry prioritize innovation but are frustrated with how long it takes to bring breakthroughs to market. According to bestselling author and consultant Tim Sanders, the best way to speed up the innovation process is to promote a culture of collaboration across your organization and externally with partners, customers and competimates.

Over his career, Tim has studied leaders that practice what he terms ‘disruptive collaboration,’ a problem-solving style that leverages surprising alliances along the fault-lines of a company or its market. He’ll reveal how the biggest leaps and turnarounds in history came from collisions of thought, not safe work in our silos of excellence. Tim’s eye-opening keynote will deliver actionable insights and tools that will accelerate the rate of innovation, drive agility and quickly produce breakthrough business outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

Why Companies That Practice Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Outperform Rivals
How to Leverage the Power of Multiple Perspectives to Solve Problems 3X Faster
How to Bring Multiple Stakeholder Needs From “Me-to-We” in a Collaborative Project
Why Innovation Requires a Focus on Building a Collaborative Web of Relationships
How to Connect the Silos, One Collaboration Project at a Time


EMOTIONAL TALENT: The Final Frontier Of Leadership Development
Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted as saying the leader's role is to define reality, then give hope. This requires them to augment their physical intelligence with emotional talent “ the combination of self awareness, control and social interaction skills. This gives them the ability to handle pressure, maintain high quality relationships and lead teams through adversity and change. Like any other talent, it grows with practice and feedback, starting with the motivation to complete one's development.

This keynote is based on Tim's extensive research into leadership psychology and dozens of programs for institutes, government agencies and leading corporations. Takeaways include how to assess one's emotional strengths, read others emotions accurately and show empathy when it matters most.

SALES GENIUS is a Team Sport
To land a quality sale in today's B2B landscape, innovation is required to cut through layers of complexity. A done deal is often 100 problems solved. This requires a collection of diverse minds collaborating together. The top performers in sales have the habit of forming teams to tackle their biggest challenges. There's a name for this process: Dealstorming. It's based on fifteen years of enterprise sales experience as well as interviews with 200 sales leaders.

This keynote will inspire audiences to team up when faced with adversity in the sales or client retention process. It offers takeaways on how to recruit and prepare deal-teams as well as how to cultivate deal-mentors and inside chions.

LEADING WITH LOVE: How To Win Business & Influence People
The most powerful force in business isn't greed or brute force “ it's love for our customers, colleagues and partners. We show it by sharing our knowledge, our network of relationships and our compassion. When we develop a culture that emphasizes promotion of everyone's success, stronger relationships are built and loyalty soars “ delivering measurable business results.

This keynote offers new ways to mentor, connect people that should meet and approach leadership and customer service from a design point of view. Perfect for opening general sessions where knowledge sharing and networking is emphasized.

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