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Virtual Reality ➡️ Validated Reality

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Virtual reality gives you access to a huge number of experiences like:

• Climbing to the death-zone of Mt. Everest
• Trekking the Grand Canyon rim to rim
• Flying an F-15 at Mach 2 into and out of combat

Preferred Speakers gives you access to a huge number of speakers, experts, trainers, celebrities, and entertainers who have actually:

Climbed to the death-zone summit of Mt. Everest
Check out Jamie Clarke

Trekked the Grand Canyon rim to rim
Meet Robyn Benincasa

Flown an F-15 at Mach 2 into and out of combat
We introduce you to Nicole Malachowski

And each are ready to share their real-life experience with your group!

The reality is each program has multiple pieces that define the participant experience. We can manage the speaker piece, freeing you to concentrate on other essential elements.

You can choose to:

• Immerse yourself in our extensive database (you can search by name, topic, and keyword), choose your top desired speaker(s), and let us help you narrow it down and choose the best fit.

• Give us some information about your audience and budget. We give you a list of speakers/entertainers that match up. (And some of them aren’t in our database!)

Either way, you can be comfortable knowing we’ve vetted their skills and validated their professionalism. And we’ll handle the details for you.

We work with virtually every speaker/entertainer/trainer/celebrity type you could need. And we’re literally just a phone call or email away!

Sheila Harris
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