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Wellness, Wealth and Words

There certainly was a theme to the first part of 2022: Making the world a better place. We were proud to partner with planning executives, speakers, and celebrities to serve audiences nationwide with messages about wellness, the [re] distribution of…

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Pollenate Peace

How much the world has changed within these last few months. Just as we began to transition from the COVID crisis, we were smacked right in the face with President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the global economic ramifications. I…

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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

As we cheer on the athletes participating in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, others are preparing for their chance in March at the Paralympic Games, which drives social inclusion and transforms attitudes, cities, countries, and the lives of millions of people around the world.…

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Sheila Harris Preferred Speakers

See Ya 2021!

It’s been a little blurry, but we’re still dancing thanks to the wonderful clients, speakers and entertainers with whom we have been privileged to partner. So thank YOU... for helping us make the most of another interesting year that was…

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