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A friend of mine recently attended her high school reunion. During school, she was a cheerleader and an honors student. Her circle of friends was more like the Olympics symbol: athletes, geniuses, comedians, performing artists and more. At the reunion,…

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Fathers & Freedom

Fathers & Freedom

From the wise advice to the playful moments, dads bring so much love and joy to our world. This month, we introduce you to two proud dads who speak from the heart to inspire audiences.   Dan Thurmon Founder and President, Motivation…

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Coming in Second Isn’t Always a Loss

February may not be first, but it doesn’t stop this month from being unique and cool: Shortest month of the year Last winter month in the Northern Hemisphere Last summer month in the Southern Hemisphere Groundhog Day The Super Bowl…

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2023 Economists And Financial Experts

2023 What Economists and Financial Experts Can Teach Us

In 2023, businesses are facing stunted economic growth, high inflation, shifting market conditions, supply chain security, and even global conflict issues involving Ukraine; and we’re not even addressing the talent pool/Great Resignation issues here. It’s unprecedented times for small, medium, and large…

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2022 Annie, Katy, Sheila & Patrick

Giving & Living

🎶🎶The more you give (The more you'll have) It's that time of year I treasure The time for giving The best part of living🎶🎶 It's not just a song. It's a truism, with similar words spoken/written by many. But here's…

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Thanksgiving 2022

Leading With Gratitude

We are so thankful for YOU, for amazing speakers, and for another season to connect you and them. And we've heard from so many of you about how thankful you are for our support, for our unmatched service, and for…

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Self Care Calendar

Optimist About October

You've probably heard of Self-Care September. Well, welcome to Optimistic October! We created this calendar to get you through the rest of the month, with some easy tasks we hope will leave you optimistic and empowered. And below we introduce…

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