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Do You Ever Wonder...

Wonderful Preferred Speakers

We made it through the first month of this new year. Are you taking time for resolutions, planning, new perspectives, and pondering? As I sit here freezing in Minneapolis, well sortof, what a different winter we are having?‍?, here are some things I wonder about, and I wonder if you wonder about the same things?:

  • How do people in Florida build a snowman?
  • Why do you “float down a river” but “swim upstream” (easy to be dreaming of spring – no snow)?
  • Does shivering count as exercise?
  • Why is it called a cold front when your rear gets just as cold?
  • How does a graffiti artist spark organizational change in some of the world’s largest companies?
  • What are the differences between men and women (besides the obvious)?

I hope you stay warm this winter, find some “wonder full” things to wonder about, and enjoy the two Wonderful presenters we’re sharing with you this month.


Erik Wahl Globally renowned artist | TED speaker

Disruption is the new normal. That’s the core message Erik brings to his audiences, while encouraging them to adopt creativity to avoid falling behind. A presentation he gave to Microsoft “very specifically and directly sparked an initiative that has already made [the company] over $30 million dollars” according to the planner who brought him in.  He’s got a unique blend of artistic expression and entrepreneurial insight that, together, inspire organizations to enhance agility and strategically leverage disruption as a competitive advantage.

His book The Spark and the Grind is filled with the components for translating ideas into action. Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius pushes readers to realize that creativity isn’t just for poets, painters, and writers; creativity is in us all and rediscovering it is key to unlocking our fullest potential.

Unthink earned accolades from Forbes Magazine as the blueprint to actionable creativity and from Fast Company Magazine as provocative with a purpose.

His keynotes bring a whole new dimension to the typical motivational message, often finishing off with an artistic finale his clients display for years to come. Erik’s presentations include:

  • The Art of Vision: Innovative strategies to infuse creativity, innovation, and profitability into your organization
  • The Art of Leadership: New ways to build an emotional connection to drive future employee engagement
  • The Spark and The Grind: The Discipline of Creativity: Putting a structure in place so innovation can find its way
  • Unthink: Push members of your organization beyond their traditional thought patterns and habitual levels of performance

Click here to spark a conversation with us about bringing Erik to your group.

Dr. Paula Stone Williams, Transgender Minister | Gender Equity Advocate


Dr. Williams (Paula) has been the CEO of a large religious non-profit, editor-at-large of a national magazine, host of a national television show, and a corporate consultant.  Recently, she published a memoir As a Woman: What I Learned about Power, Sex, and the Patriarchy After I Transitioned, which chronicles her transition journey and reveals how the gendered landscape can impact the LGBTQ+ community and women in the workplace and beyond. Soon, it will be turned into a limited series by Cannonball Productions.

Paula completed her doctoral thesis on the DiSC Personality Profile, and has led hundreds of corporate boards and work teams to become more efficient and productive.

Her keynotes are filled with stories, authenticity, humor, and anecdotes, providing a unique perspective. And – what groups appreciate most – Paula equips them with helpful recommendations and action items to drive their commitments into reality while addressing the global issue of gender inequity, guiding organizations toward societal accountability with enthusiasm and empathy.

Paula’s presentations include:

  • Lost is a Place Too: Finding Resiliency in Difficult Times
  • Further Along the Road Toward Gender Equity
  • I’ve Lived as a Man and a Woman. Here’s What I Learned
  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Transgender But Were Afraid to Ask

Click here to ask Paula to present to your organization.

Sheila Harris
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