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Preferred Speakers – Just a little stress reliever

We’ve all experienced it: Feeling overwhelmed. Problems sleeping. Having a hard time relaxing and quieting your mind. Avoiding people and situations. Easily frustrated and moody.

It’s stress! Sometimes it can help you focus and complete the task at hand. More often, it is not your friend. It’s a physical or mental response to an external cause like an overwhelming workload, an illness, a strained relationship, or a difficult coworker/boss. It can be a one-time occurrence or a long-term issue that can affect your health and relationships.

The internet is filled with tips on how to avoid stress. But managing stress (because it’s so difficult to completely avoid) is crucial to both mental and physical well-being.

Preferred Speakers is here to help you stress less. We do the research for you. We negotiate for you. We scramble for you if something goes awry at showtime. We save you time. So you can focus on other things (like enjoying your morning mocha in your favorite comfy chair … or other pressing aspects of your job). 

And we have tried-and-true speakers who will help your groups manage their stress and create a better life-work balance. You read that right.

Not work-life.

Because life should come first.

So sit back. Relax. And meet one of our favs! Christine Cashen, CSP. 

Christine (CC) is more than just an author and speaker. She’s a force of nature. Her talent for finding humor in everyday situations is unmatched, and her ability to turn those moments into something magical is nothing short of amazing.

Christine is a cancer survivor, mother of two, wife of a “hottie engineer,” and a true inspiration to anyone looking to live their best life.

You can experience Christine’s work in:

It’s YOUR Business: Good Stuff for Your Personal, Professional, and Funny Business
• Her newest book, The Good Stuff: Quips and Tips on Life, Love, Work and Happiness

Even better, you can experience Christine’s passion live! When you’re seeking a speaker to take participants from tired to inspired, and leave them energized, motivated, and overflowing with ideas, we can’t stress enough how much one of CC’s presentations will be the perfect fit:

How To Stay Inspired When You Are So Darn Tired!

• Get inspired!
• Get energized!
• Learn to harness energy, flip the switch on emotions, and reignite

Harmony in the Hustle: Mastering Conflict Resolution and Team Building

• Understand diverse personalities
• Communicate effectively
• Navigate confidently in tough conversations
• Elevate your team to new heights of collaboration and peace

Why Brainstorm When You Can Brain Hurricane?

• Bye-bye creative blocks!
• Boost morale
• Ease workplace tension
• Skyrocket productivity
• This is an interactive program that will unleash brilliant ideas!

Christine is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA). It is the speaking profession’s highest earned international measure of professional platform competence, and only about 17% of NSA members hold it. She is also an inductee into the NSA’s Speaker Hall of Fame, an honor for professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence.

Don’t stress over finding the right speaker for your group. We’ve got your back!😊

Sheila Harris
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