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Be The Kind One

Because We Can All Use More Kindness and Generosity

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“For it is in Giving that we Receive.”
Francis of Assisi

In this month of giving and receiving, we introduce you to two speakers who are true givers and who will inspire you with their creativity, innovation, kindness, and generosity.

Doc Hendley
Global Humanitarian | Clean Water Crusader | Grassroots Change Maker

Until 2004, Doc was a musician and bartender. He never dreamed he would dedicate his life to supporting the life and dignity of others. He traveled to Darfur, Sudan, saw the immense need for clean water and filtration, and felt the need to be part of something bigger. So he founded Wine To Water (W|W).

He started with wine tastings and a donation jar. That humble beginning has since brought clean water and sanitation to hundreds of thousands of people in need around the world – from Darfur to Nepal to the Amazon to Tanzania to the Dominican Republic to disaster relief around the U.S. and abroad.

But he didn’t stop there. Doc is cultivating young advocates in Water4Schools, which helps schools worldwide access safe water and adequate sanitation facilities and connects students from the U.S. to regions where W|W operates.

His book Wine to Water tells his story about drilling and repairing wells in the middle of a crisis zone with the Sudanese government committing genocidal massacres of entire villages in Sudan. It’s also an inspirational tale of how one ordinary person can make a difference. He was named one of the Top 10 CNN Heroes in 2009 for his life-saving work.

Doc is proof that anyone, even a “tattooed keg-tapper,” can cure what ails the world.

Doc brings humility paired with passion to your group with topics like:
• Putting simple ideas into action
• Building relationships, purpose, and passion while connecting and giving back
• Do what you can with what you have
• Transcending perceived barriers through the power of relationships

Mick Ebeling
Innovator | Philanthropist | Impatient Optimist | Founder & CEO of Not Impossible Labs

Mick’s mission is to change the world by creating technology for the sake of humanity. Using his career experience of producing and filmmaking, he has sparked a movement of pragmatic, inspirational innovation through technology and storytelling.

He convenes brilliant teams of hackers, doers, makers, and thinkers to create inventions and creations that better the world by bringing accessibility for all. He calls them “mad scientists and misfit geniuses,” and together they have made possible things like vaccines, drawing through eyewriting, and mobile maker labs offering young refugees access to education and skills through creative project-based learning, to name just a few.

Mick’s Mantra: Commit, then figure it out. That mantra has served him (and the recipients of his work) well. And his book Not Impossible: Do What Can’t Be Donehas been lauded as a sort of template to learn to abandon caution, make uncommon ideas become common sense, and help others discover a road map to changing their lives by changing the lives of others.Mick is approachable, relatable, and inspirational. He’s also a well-respected 3x recipient of TIME Magazine Top Invention of the Year, 2x Tribeca Innovation winner, 2x SXSW Innovation of the Year award winner, WIRED Agent of Change, fellow with The Nantucket Project, and recipient of every major creative and advertising award. And he’ll leave your audience motivated and empowered with topics like:

• Innovation in a tumultuous world
• The Fallacy of “Impossible”
• Breeding a Creative Culture
• Creating a Culture of Impact and Purpose
• Radical Collaboration

We hope your holiday season is filled with both giving and receiving kindness and generosity. And if we can help you create a memorable event, give us a call at

Sheila Harris
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