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Partnership & Collaboration

Preferred Speakers has always had a front row seat to some of the most creative, thought provoking, and inspiring minds on the organized speaker and entertainment circuit and even more so since the pandemic.  The meeting planners we have worked with over the years are masters at their job, and the pandemic was just another troubleshooting opportunity to show how impressive they are. They are skilled at juggling every single aspect of a conference all while keeping a full range of internal and external partners in the know. Their flexibility and multitasking capabilities are unmatched. 

The service of Preferred Speakers has been valued by all.  To be consistent with our mission of partnering with talented speakers, entertainers and planners to benefit audiences worldwide, we’ve spent countless hours researching talent equipped to present virtually.  This is where our experience has benefited everyone. 

Earlier this month, we had the chance to partner with TeamWomen on an event that was unique and impactful. And now more than ever, we understand the value of these types of partnerships. They not only bring people together but offer a much needed opportunity to connect and collaborate as we move through the pandemic.

As many know, our mom was the leader of Preferred Inc, Meetings and Speakers. She was full of wisdom. One of her favorite sayings was "Many hands make light work." Finding opportunities to work together and make a good event better is what we do best. We want to not only find you the right speaker, but to maximize the reach and impact of your event. Our recent partnership with TeamWomen provided just this opportunity. Partnership is about finding the right speaker for the moment, but also, making the most of the experience. Keynote speaker, Sarah Moshman, did just this, sharing segments of her documentaries and adding context about how each of her films came to be along with her experience in making. This approach is both visual and uniquely engaging.

We are all about partnership and collaboration in supporting our meeting planning executives and our talent to ensure the best possible experience and event. From annual conferences to employee engagement events, we have a speaker or entertainer to meet your unique needs and ensure both impact and reach. To learn more, contact preferred speakers at

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