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The Benefits of Working with A Speakers Bureau!

A speakers bureau is an entity that works with professional speakers, recommends their services to clients, and facilitates communication and pricing negotiations between the two parties. Simply put, speakers' bureaus help event organizers find and hire talented speakers with appropriate expertise.

Working with a speakers bureau like Preferred Speakers simplifies a crucial part of the event planning process—finding a speaker that can both attract and impress a crowd. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider working with us to find a speaker for your next event:


It's not easy to find a speakers bureau with as much experience and knowledge as Preferred Speakers. For over 75 years, we've been providing entertainers and experts for a range of different events. And over the years, you learn a thing or two—like how to listen and understand with a laser-beam focus, in order to provide recommendations that make sense!

By working with Preferred Speakers, you're choosing a business that has thrived for decades thanks to our knack for finding solutions and making sure our customers' needs are met. And we know how to find a quick replacement without sacrificing quality, so you can sit back and relax even if your first choice somehow ends up canceling at the last minute.

We Make Your Job Easier

We completely understand that the stress of scheduling, organizing, and taking care of the innumerable details that go into planning an event can be overwhelming. This is why Preferred Speakers does all of the heavy lifting:

  • Researching and booking the right speaker
  • Managing contracts and invoices
  • Providing material for all your marketing purposes
  • Scheduling pre-event calls
  • Tending to the logistics

This way, you can focus on the many other details necessary for planning a successful event.

Professional Entertainers and Industry Experts

Critically-acclaimed actors, hilarious comedians, and dedicated activists are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our speakers. We can connect you with gifted orators with expertise in a diverse variety of fields. Are you looking for a medical professional with a film-inspiring mission? Done. How about a globetrotting celebrity chef? A piece of cake. 

Preferred Speakers is dedicated to providing you with some of the most remarkable speakers in almost any given field. And we sincerely hope you settle for nothing less.

Contact us today to be connected with a speaker that will entertain and captivate audience members at your next event.

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