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3 Tips for Making the Most of an Uncertain Situation

Who in the business community will know how to manage a crisis better than those of us in the meeting planning industry? It’s what we do! We’re problem solvers. We anticipate challenges and come up with solutions. Working together to adjust course, while providing our customers with an extraordinary experience. We can truly accomplish anything together.

Earlier this month, life looked much different for all. The suddenness of this change and the uncertainty around how long it will last only add to the feelings of disruption we are currently experiencing. As we settle into our new normal – a routine that requires time at home for work and school, and a lack of interaction with others – it’s imperative that we find ways to connect and come together… now more than ever.

At Preferred Speakers, we too feel what is happening in the world and know that we have the ability to find the good and opportunity in this situation, as much as anyone else. While events and large gatherings have been canceled for the foreseeable future, inspiring words and calls to action have never been more in demand. Whether you’ve canceled your event or are looking for a way to motivate and inspire employees when morale is low, it’s never been easier to provide support and connection online and Preferred Speakers is here to help! Here are three ideas for making the most of a bad situation.

  1. Leverage available technology. We have so many solutions at our finger tips, whether you want to connect one-on-one, with your small team or your entire company, contact Preferred Speakers to learn about speakers available for events through a variety of video conferencing technologies. In a world of physical distancing, there are tools to share words of encouragement and transform your business model… possibly for the better.

    From Zoom Meetings to Google Hangouts and everything in between, there is a never-ending list of technological solutions to allow you to continue business as usual (or at least within a world of much uncertainty).

    Preferred Speakers has your back. With a variety of speakers available for virtual meetings, it’s possible to keep moving forward.
  1. Don’t stop… pause and pivot. While this is an unprecedented time for businesses everywhere, this is not a time to halt all activity. Instead, there is much opportunity to pause and pivot… to revisit strategy and find the opportunity in the moment to make your business better and stronger.

    This time can be a gift to focus on our respective businesses without distraction. We’ve all been moving at high speed for so long that it feels strange to be forced to slow down or even stop, but this is a time to think, reflect and realign. This is what motivational speakers do best… they reframe our thinking and encourage us to focus not on what happens to us, but what we do with the opportunity.

    Customers and colleagues want to hear from the businesses they know and love. They want to know that they are surviving when things are tough. We encourage you to revisit your strategy to address what is happening in the world and serve your customers in a way that addresses the disruption we are all experiencing. It’s a time to be real and compassionate. To be open and honest, while conveying a sense of hope for what the future holds.
  1. Community and connection have never been more important. While physical distance is essential, when we cannot gather in person, it’s important that we find ways to gather and connect. Not only does this reiterate the first point, but it makes a case for intention. We must ban together to do what is best, while also continuing to take care of ourselves and those around us to the best of our ability.

    This is another area where technology is our friend and will forever transform when and how we connect. From online community groups and social media to tools that allow us to connect face-to-face, it’s important to leverage all available options to come together and fight feelings of isolation. We are all in this together.
And when the time comes to return to normal… and that time will come, Preferred Speakers is here to help you inspire and ignite the next phase of your business. At a time when we are being asked to just stay home, it’s hard to believe that summer or even fall will ever come, but it will. So, when the time comes to plan for fall and winter of 2020, contact Preferred Speakers to discuss your speaker, event and entertainment needs.
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