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Challenges Keeping Leaders Up At Night

Technology trends come and go. Ripples in the economy can impact business strategies. Communication best practices are evolving every day as people become more and more distracted. But one of the most popular topics we always get asked to find the perfect speaker for is LEADERSHIP.

Somebody needs to be driving the ship, even in the most tumultuous of storms. And everyone wants a captain who won’t crumble or lash out under the pressure. If businesses are to remain competitive in this rapidly-shifting world, companies need great leaders to navigate the murky waters. If they don’t, they will lose the competitive edge and risk going the way of the VCR.

Here are the top five leadership challenges we keep hearing from our clients that are keeping them up at night:

1. Leading Through Change

Leaders are challenged by getting their teams to adapt to the fast-and-furious changes required to stay relevant and competitive. They struggle with the underlying culture of “This is the way we’ve always done it” mentality.

2. Holding People Accountable

Even if team members know what they should be working on (which isn’t always a given), leaders struggle with getting them to actually DO those activities in the timeframe required. Everybody has excuses for missed deadlines and insufficient work. Excuses aren’t good enough. The work needs to get done.

3. Identifying Employee Strengths

Leaders need to do the extra work of maximizing the talents of every single team member (from the C-Suite to the mailroom) including their communication style and personality type. If leaders keep treating everyone the same, employees will continue to deliver cookie-cutter results.

4. Creating Complementary Teams

The best results stem from forming teams that build on the strengths of each individual. Great leaders are like great conductors of an orchestra: each voice complements the others to create the most effective result.

5. Lack of Unity

People aren’t playing nice with each other! Departments are divided. Generations are clashing. Incivility in the workplace is becoming all-too-common. Leaders must find ways to bridge these gaps so people no longer say, “That’s not my job” and start saying, “How can we make it work?"

While cultures, technology, and growth strategies are constantly changing, the foundations of great leadership remains the same. Always a topic in demand, Preferred Speakers represents some of the greatest speakers that address the topic of Leadership. Contact us and let us know how we can help you and your leadership team get a better night’s sleep! 

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