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Phil Barber

Summertime, Sunshine and Speakers!

Happy Summer! This time of year is always interesting because the warmer months affords us the opportunity to get outside! (Our last Minnesota winter was particularly brutal.) We can recharge our batteries and elevate our moods, whether it’s backyard barbecues,…

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Book an Event Speaker


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with all of us at Preferred Speakers! BOOK A SPEAKER, WIN A SPEAKER! Preferred Speakers 2nd Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration!! In celebration of our favorite holiday, we'd like to share our luck of the Irish…

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John Sweeney

John Sweeney and The Brave New Workshop

A little bit of talking and a whole lot of fun, is what you'll get when you hire John Sweeney and the Brave New Workshop! The youngest child in a large, Irish Catholic family, John Sweeney was raised on a…

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Laura Bean

Let’s hear it for Katy! Our SalesWoman of the Month!

A professional, a networker and just an all around smart, fun gal, Katy crushed it this quarter for her clients! She partnered with clients in the industries of Healthcare, Finance, Regulatory Administration and HR and found great speakers to educate,…

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Meet Our Leader!

August marked the birthday month of Preferred Speakers' original leader, J. Warren Burke (1921-1994), aka, our dad! We LOVE birthdays and we LOVED our dad! He was smart, funny, curious, interested in everyone, well informed and as the pictures show,…

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