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Coming in Second Isn’t Always a Loss

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February may not be first, but it doesn’t stop this month from being unique and cool:
  • Shortest month of the year
  • Last winter month in the Northern Hemisphere
  • Last summer month in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Groundhog Day
  • The Super Bowl
  • Valentine’s Day
  • American Heart Month
  • Black History Month
  • National Organ Donor Day
Winning isn’t all about the contest or the medal. Winning can be delivering results. Winning can be overcoming adversity.
Winning is success, however you define it.

The speakers we highlight for you this month are the epitome of delivering results, overcoming adversity, and success. Let’s learn how they can help your group define success.

Lea B. Olsen
Sports Broadcaster, Former Collegiate Athlete

“Whether you win or lose, success lies in your process for getting there.”

As a Division 1 athlete, sports broadcaster, entrepreneur, and mother, executive speaker Lea has spent her life learning about the benefits—and costs—to winning.

Lea grew up in South Minneapolis in a blended family with parents and siblings who looked like they were from several different families. She learned how to handle social dilemmas and be comfortable breaking the mold.

She began her basketball career in high school then played Division I basketball at the University of Minnesota. Sports changed Lea’s life for good and gave her a deep appreciation for the important role “process” plays in success.

Lea’s role went from the court to the broadcast booth covering WNBA on ESPN, the Minnesota Lynx as an analyst, the Minnesota Timberwolves as a sideline reporter, and many high school and college games.

Lea’s experiences in the athletic arena led to her found Rethink the Win, an organization dedicated to preserving the fun in youth sports while teaching kids how to apply lessons learned in sports to the real world.

All about purpose and passion in sports, business, and life, Lea thrives on helping people and businesses find their wins while staying true to their values and beliefs.

Key takeaways from Lea’s presentations include:

  • The secrets to finding the wins that matter in life and in work
  • How teams win together
  • The impacts of winning at all costs
  • Owning your own winning ways
  • Digging into diversity
  • How to pick a winning team
Vince Poscente
Olympian, New York Times Bestselling Author, and Hall of Fame Speaker

Vince will help you move past obstacles and create the success you, your team, and your clients want and deserve.

He went from recreational skier to the Olympics in four years; became a five-time Canadian record holder, achieved 10th in the world ranking, and placed 15th in the Speed Skiing gold medal round of the Olympic Winter Games in France; and brings that not-first-but-certainly-successful message to your group.

Not that he’s against coming in first. Many of Vince’s clients are top in their field and he is the #1 go-to guy for teaching teams how to sell more, lead better, and produce more.

He has been a leader and participant on six Himalayan Expeditions. Talk about success and reaching goals!
As an author on the topic of peak performance, Vince has produced seven New York Times bestsellers to date on topics like peak performance, overcoming adversity, sustaining resiliency in a competitive landscape, accelerating goal attainment, and creating the success you deserve.

Book Vince today for impactful messages to your group like:

  • Clarity about where you are headed
  • Commitment at a more profound level
  • Consistency “Do what the competition is not willing to do”
  • Confidence for peak performance on the job
  • Control routines before any challenging situation
  • Collaboration by looking outside yourself a different viewpoint
  • Curiosity about what a new reality looks like
  • Creativity to narrow-in on the best options for all involved
Sheila Harris
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