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Financial Freedom in the Post-Pandemic Economy: How to Survive & Thrive

The post-pandemic economy is an economy like no other. Unemployment skyrocketed. Aid was slow and inconsistent. The opportunity for innovation was abundant. Some seized opportunity and made the most of a hard situation. Others choose to wait and watch quietly. No matter your approach to wading through this unprecedented time, you likely learned and made changes for the future. For many, the need for financial planning, flexibility and freedom became apparent. But where do you begin? The key is to start in a way that feels sustainable and worthwhile.

The More You Know

There is no shortage of financial services offerings. But ultimately it's about fit. Who and what will work for you? It's also about education. Often times, the things we struggle with the most are the result of a lack of information. You don't know what you don't know. The first step to financial flexibility and freedom in this post-pandemic economy is to understand finance at the most basic level. You need a base to build upon. To do that, you need to find the right expert, advisor or system for you. With so many 'experts' out there, it's important to explore your options. Read a few books, check out a blog or two, download a budgeting app. Whatever works for you... it's important to take action. In this case, knowledge truly is power.

Experts on the Pandemic Economy

Whether looking to serve your team with some much needed financial knowledge and support or just gain a better understanding of what the future holds, today we're featuring four speaker-experts in the finance and economy space.

  • Andrew Busch is a former chief market intelligence officer for the U.S. government and financial expert. His speeches are always evolving with a focus on current events and their impact on the economy. From the 2020 Presidential Election to what comes after the pandemic, his understanding of infectious disease equips him to inform and predict. He is also known as "the great calmer downer" and after such a difficult and unexpected year, a bit more calm is something we all need.

  • Terry Savage is a nationally known expert on personal finance, the markets and the economy. She a regular blogger on the Huffington Post. Her presentations focus on economic outlook and financial investments. And aren't those the two questions on everyone's mind: 1) What does the future hold? and 2) Where should I put my money? It's about strategically thinking about the future to be in the best position possible.

  • Peter Ricchiuti is everyone's favorite college professor and currently teaches at Tulane University. His speeches cover a wide variety of financial topics, with a new focus on where we are and where we go next. He sees opportunity in uncertainty. He understands the rhythm of the markets and uses those patterns to plan and share.

  • Ron Insana is a CNBC contributor, trailblazing financial journalist and bestselling author. This quote truly sums up his approach to finances: “Financial markets send messages. Heed them because forewarned is forearmed with respect to future economic, political and geo-political events.” He describes the pandemic as an economic whiplash. And with the unexpected comes the need for new approaches, because the system has changed.

Attend an Event Or Plan Your Own

Understanding finance can be confusing, scary and overwhelming. The post-pandemic economy is new and changing. No matter where you start, you need information to learn and grow. Information is POWER. These speakers are gifted communicators and able to teach helpful information in a way that is understandable and even entertaining!

When planning your next event, either virtually or in person, please keep Preferred Speakers in mind.  We and our speakers are eager to share our expertise to help you and your attendees grow both personally and professional. Contact Preferred Speakers at to learn more about these speaker-experts.    
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