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The Healing Power of Gratitude: How to Create a Ripple in Your Organization

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Sometimes, human nature leads people to become pessimistic and negative about circumstances. Maybe it is related to their career goals or a shifting workplace environment. Maybe they are struggling to balance their personal and professional lives. Indeed, a worldwide pandemic has made many reevaluate their life. Often, that can be overwhelming. No matter how people get to that point, it is easy to get lost in “what ifs” and “should haves”. This can lead to a downward spiral that affects their personal life or professional performance. How can we help others prevent, or overcome, these negative thoughts and feelings? How can we lean into the healing power of gratitude? Why does increasing gratitude in just a few people matter to organizations as a whole?

Gratitude is what happens when people choose to look past negative feelings and recognize the good in their life. It is more than a fleeting feeling of thankfulness, but rather, it is a much deeper form of appreciation that creates longer-lasting positivity. The positive emotions associated with gratitude can improve relationships, optimism, and mental health. Not only does this improve the quality of life for the individual, but it can also produce a ripple effect through your organization.

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Sometimes, bringing a group of people together with a goal of encouragement can be a strong motivator. Emmy© Award-winning television anchor and author, Deborah Norville, outlines the connection between gratitude and enhanced cognitive function and energy. Her presentation, “Thank You Power: Making Gratitude Work For You”, shows people how gratitude can reduce stress, help solve problems, live better lives, and be more productive and creative. Bringing this outlook to your employees can, in fact, make a positive shift for them, and for your business.

Roxane Battle understands that people are wired to resist change, and after a time of unprecedented changes and unpredictability, her presentation, “Pockets of Joy: An Attitude of Gratitude”, can help your employees understand why acceptance and attitude are important to overcoming challenges and finding joy. Helping just one or two people find practical ways to embrace gratitude can have long-lasting effects on them. Then, the healing power of gratitude can lead to positive changes in your organization.

We Bring Gratitude to You

Encouraging others to practice gratitude can make them happier, healthier, and more productive. If you are looking to bring the power of gratitude to your organization, let Preferred Speakers do the work for you. We, indeed, connect you with the most informative, humorous, and encouraging teachers. We can help you find the perfect speaker to bring a new outlook on gratitude to your organization, so contact us today to find out how we can help support the positive changes you envision.

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